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Kenny Omega reunites Bullet Club to main event Impact’s next PPV

When Kenny Omega showed up on Impact Wrestling last week, it was unclear how often he would appear going forward. Rumors swirled that Omega would work at least one PPV. That chatter turned out to be correct. Omega just booked himself into the main event of Impact’s Hard to Kill PPV on January 16. He’ll have Bullet Club buddies by his side.

Omega and Don Callis were watching the show from their luxurious bus when they observed the Motor City Machine Guns cutting a promo to disrespect “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson.

Anderson was scheduled to wrestle Chris Sabin in the main event of the evening’s program, but Omega and Callis riled Anderson up to start the fight early.

Anderson ran into Rich Swann on his way to seeking out Sabin. Swann insinuated that Anderson was being a turkey taking orders from Omega. MCMG strolled up to outnumber Anderson. He wisely backed away to wait for the match.

Back on the bus, Anderson and Omega were angered by Swann’s trash-talk. Omega hinted that Swann would be on the receiving end of payback.

During the main event, Anderson was victorious over Sabin via roll-up with a grab of the tights. Swann confronted Anderson backstage, and shocking chaos ensued.

Anderson popped Swann in the kisser. MCMG attacked Anderson. Luke Gallows made a surprise return from injury to smash Sabin and Alex Shelley. Swann kicked the Big LG in the mush. Omega came from off-screen to whack Swann with a wet floor sign. Omega then booked himself into a trios bout with Anderson and Gallows against Swann, Sabin, and Shelley for the Hard to Kill PPV on January 16. As Impact EVP, Callis made it official.

That was a nifty story arc throughout this episode of Impact Wrestling. All the scenes blended well to tell the tale building to the gift of Omega exploding with violence. Seeing the payoff of Omega getting physical was delightful. I really wasn’t expecting him to leave his bus until next year. With all the witty banter taking place, best of all was Omega’s maniacal laughter. Omega has been a home run so far in his Impact appearances. Impact has been much more successful than AEW in getting Omega’s heel character over.

Are you excited for Omega reuniting with his Bullet Club mates? Will you be buying Impact’s Hard to Kill PPV on January 16?

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