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Darby Allin loves mainstream crossovers because ‘half the wrestlers are complete jokes that don’t take it serious’ anyway


When asked by SK Wrestling if he was okay with Shaq coming into AEW and how all that played out on Dynamite, Darby Allin had this to say:

“I want to see more crossovers with other forms of media in professional wrestling. I’m a big fan of all that stuff, which why I tried to bring in Tony Hawk and Steve-O or Travis Pastrana. As much as these guys get me hyped, I want to bring them into the world so that all the other wrestling fans can see what they do. … I’m hyped on it, I just want to see what goes down.”

Which is interesting enough on its own. Then he was asked if he was okay with people coming in who have never wrestled before coming in like this and that’s when he really put it over the top:

“Absolutely, because half the people who are in my world are complete jokes, half the wrestlers are complete jokes that don’t take it serious. So I would love to have someone else step into our world and take it serious and kick ass.”

It’s at least possible he’s saying this in character but he definitely wouldn’t be the only one to think that. Plus, hey, one of the best heels in the game right now is a former punter who had no experience at all outside of doing a few WWE pre-shows.

Word to Pat McAfee.

So, yeah, we should all encourage the crossovers.

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