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A surprising AEW wrestler has Jim Ross’ back in the dive debate

At least Darby Allin seems like someone who would side with the announcer’s critics. But in addition to just being the professional way to respond, it actually makes a lot of sense that he’s on Team JR.

All Elite Wrestling

We know Dax Harwood is siding with Jim Ross in any arguments about the oft-used multi-person match spot where one wrestlers dives onto the floor into a crowd of teammates and opponents.

A member of the AEW roster I wasn’t expecting to see be on Team JR & FTR, though?

Darby Allin.

When asked about the controversy by Sportskeeda, the TNT champion’s response was short and sweet:

“I love Jim Ross, and I agree with him.”

At first I thought it was just the professional way to respond to the media, something critics claim Ross wasn’t doing when he aired his criticism on his podcast (and occasionally airing similar ones about indie-style matches via his commentary).

The more I thought about it however, it made more sense that Darby would share JR’s opinion. While Allin came up via the independents in a similar way Brandon Cutler, The Young Bucks and others did, and utilizes some of the same crowd-pleasing moves, there are key differences.

For one, Darby’s character means he doesn’t work as many four-plus person matches. He’s a loner. That’s not to say he’s never in tag and trios matches, but it’s not his bread-and-butter.

For another thing, I’d argue that Allin’s high flying moves are usually done with more intent than the average mid-match ringside car crash spot. Sure, there are Coffin Drops and similar things in his arsenal. But they’re usually done to end the match, or show how willing he is to incapacitate himself to inflict punishment on his opponent. The absence of psychology is what JR’s critiquing, not aerial offense in general.

What say you, scripted fight fans? Are you surprised by Darby Allin’s response?

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