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ROH Wrestling recap: Mark Briscoe finds groove with new partner

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Episode 482 of ROH Wrestling featured Mark Briscoe taking his new partner out for a spin and Flip Gordon establishing his credentials in the Pure division.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

Quinn McKay opened with a recap of last week and comments from Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Bennett’s knee was in pain. Everything must come to an end, and the OG Kingdom will decide when. Bennett and Taven will prove Vincent and Bateman are not on their level in a match at the Final Battle PPV (on December 18).

Bouncers vs Mark Briscoe & PCO

The Bouncers are changing gears from fun-loving drinking. It is time to get serious about tag team gold. No more toasting losses. No more second place. Briscoe respects both Bouncers as fighters. He is ready to go to battle.

(If you haven’t been keeping up with ROH, Mark Briscoe has a temporary tag partner. Mark felt that Jay Briscoe wasn’t focused on the task at hand, so he decided to find a new ally to compete for the tag titles. Jay has his eye on teaching EC3 a lesson instead. Mark’s choice was the monster PCO.)

This bout was a slugfest with three hefty fellows and Briscoe. The action got fancy for a sequence of a suicide dive from PCO to Brian Milonas, a running cannonball off the apron by Beer City Bruiser, then a running blockbuster off the apron by Briscoe.

In the end, the action took to the air once again. Briscoe used a chair to step up for a flying cannonball down to the floor on Milonas. Back in the ring, Briscoe missed a frog elbow drop, but he didn’t lose momentum as he was able to plant Bruiser with a uranage. PCO came crashing down on a moonsault to pin Bruiser for victory at 11:04.

Backstage, Briscoe and PCO are ready to challenge for the tag titles against Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham at Final Battle. The two most insane individuals in the history of ROH have joined forces. They will win the belts.

Flip Gordon vs Josh Woods.

Gordon went over his combat sports background to justify why he is competing in the Pure division. He is a natural high-flyer, but his foundation is grappling. Gordon is striving for gold. Since Rush is hiding in Mexico, Gordon is coming for Gresham’s Pure Championship at Final Battle. Defeating Lethal was the biggest win in Woods’ career. If he can beat Gordon as well, then there is no denying a future Pure tile shot for Woods.

Pure rules with a 15-minute time limit. Gordon leapfrogged over Woods, but Woods caught him for an ankle lock. Gordon immediately grabbed the ropes for his first rope break 30 seconds into the bout. After some mat work, Flip flipped out of a hold to dropkick Woods out of the ring. A suicide dive followed.

Gordon’s second rope break was a cheap call by the referee. Woods had picked Gordon up and drove him into the ropes. Gordon’s arm was wrapped around the top rope as he rained down elbows. The referee decided to count that as Gordon’s second rope break.

Woods fired up with strikes and a belly-to-belly suplex. Gordon countered positioning to execute a standing Samoan drop moonsault. Gordon climbed the corner. Woods quickly went into pursuit for a superplex. Gordon turned the tide for good with a spin kick, moonsault, front slam, then a curb stomp to win at 9:34.

Two solid matches this week on ROH Wrestling. The excitement was slightly dampened, since it was obvious who would win. Mark Briscoe & PCO and Flip Gordon were not going to lose days before competing for championships at Final Battle on December 18. All three men look ready for their upcoming title opportunities, but I’m still favoring the champs to retain.

It is odd that Josh Woods was chosen as a stepping stone for Flip Gordon. Woods was riding high off the upset victory against Jay Lethal, and Gordon already had the Pure title shot in his pocket. ROH squandered Woods’ momentum by having him take the unnecessary loss. The win was necessary for Gordon, but it didn’t have to come against Woods.

Share your thoughts about episode 482 of ROH Wrestling. Which match stole the show?

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