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Death of Superman inspired Cody Rhodes to dye his hair black

Remember when Cody Rhodes returned to AEW from his vicious beating at the hands of Mr. Brodie Lee? Cody had dyed his hair black. One theory was a turn to the dark side. It turns out that Cody was actually inspired by Death of Superman, and nobody picked up on it.

Cody sat down with Lexy Nair for rapid-fire questions to reveal this nugget.

Cody: Nobody got it when I dyed my hair black. It was a play on Death of Superman. He had the mullet. He had a change. He had a different outfit. Nobody got it.

Given that new context, does Cody’s return come off cooler in hindsight?

Another interesting tidbit about Cody is that he wears makeup in AEW to avoid looking like a cokehead. When asked about what makes him smile, he replied:

Cody: My wife is the thing that makes me smile the most. I think and my favorite thing is, and this makes me always smile, is my wife can sleep through anything. I smile and think like, “Where’s she at?” And I don’t sleep at all.

I’m one of the only males on AEW who get makeup. One of the reasons I get makeup is because my eyes sometimes look like, “Oh my god, that guy has been on a 6-day coke binge.” Like, I’m not doing coke. I just don’t sleep.

There are interesting lessons to be learned here. When returning to battle your nemesis, be sure to stop off at the hair salon for a black dye job to channel Superman powers. It clearly worked, since Cody regained the TNT title in a bloody dog collar match. I’m sure that tactic can be used in regular life as well.

Also, a neat trick to hide a coke habit is to apply makeup to your eyes. The more you know. Not that Cody has a drug problem, just that his hint would probably be helpful for those that do indulge.

Check out the full interview to learn that Cody thinks Pepsi drinkers are liars.

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