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Pagano uses wild stunt to win hair vs hair at Triplemania XXVIII

Triplemania has built a solid streak of delivering epic main events. This year was no different. Pagano and Chessman battled in a bloody war as the hair versus hair headliner for Triplemania XXVIII.

The rules fit the flavor of this feud. Hardcore and falls count anywhere. Lady Shani was the second for Pagano, while Texano had the back of Chessman.

The action lit up right away with suicide dives into cookie sheets and ladders. Strategy ensued with rope-a-dope dives. Pagano crashed into a ladder when Chessman dipped out.

Chessman crashed onto open chairs when Pagano dodged away.

Both men were left bleeding after those failed maneuvers.

It wouldn’t be a Triplemania main event without the overbooking of outrageous shenanigans. Pagano sucker punched Texano for no reason. A short while later, Rey Escorpion ran in to help Texano with a double team. They took turns cracking Pagano. Lady Shani tried to step up for protection, but she ended up being super powerbombed by Chessman. Myzteziz Jr. and Octagon Jr. came on the scene to take out Los Mercenarios with dual suicide dives. That settled the action back to one-on-one.

Pagano tackled Chessman to pound punches. The two combatants climbed the corner, then Chessman went for a surging tackle to send both men crashing through a table.

Cue up a second table spot. Pagano caught Chessman’s super hurricanrana attempt and both men tumbled down through a table. Pagano tried to finish his opponent with a moonsault while holding a broken ladder. Chessman rolled away, so Pagano took all the pain when colliding with the metal and mat.

The brawl headed over to a stage setup with a pickup truck. The commentary table was close by on the side. Chessman picked up a guitar and turned to hit an unsuspecting Hugo Savinovich. The announcer was left as a bloody heap. I don’t know why that happened, but the out-of-nowhere novelty was hilarious.

In the end, Pagano and Chessman climbed on top of the stage. Pagano wrapped Chessman up for an Air Raid Crash off the edge onto a table in the bed of a pickup truck.

Pagano covered his rival for the three count to win the hair versus hair challenge. Medical personnel loaded Chessman onto a stretcher to deliver him for his haircut. Chessman remained rudo to the bone by throwing his hair at Pagano.

Pagano and Chessman pulled out their A game to make a fun sports entertainment spectacular deserving of the Triplemania main event slot. Lucha libre is known for dazzling high-flying. This bout showcased the other side of what makes lucha libre great. It was full of entertaining over-the-top craziness.

Check out the wild fight for yourself on the Triplemania XXVIII replay (starting at 2:53:42 on YouTube).

What was your favorite moment in the hair versus hair main event for Triplemania XXVIII?

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