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Uh oh, Tony Khan is tweeting about power shifts again

Last month, AEW owner Tony Khan tweeted that “The balance of power in wrestling will shift tonight.” That message was sent out ahead of the Nov. 11 episode of Dynamite, and it was related to the return of PAC.

But Dynamite’s ratings did not shift based on his tweet, and PAC’s return didn’t seem like the sort of moment worthy of an industry-wide power shift. Khan had some egg on his face, so he tweeted a clarification. Khan said that a power shift has begun, and that big things are coming to Dynamite in December.

Well here we are in December, and you know what? Tony Khan may have been right. AEW delivered top notch hype for their Dec. 2 “Winter is coming” episode, and it featured a world title screwjob as well as Sting debuting with AEW. As a result, Dynamite’s demo rating reached their highest mark of 2020. Khan couldn’t help but brag about the numbers.

The news only got better in the ratings data for this week’s (Dec. 9) episode, with Dynamite breaking last week’s record high demo rating for 2020, and putting the show on the cusp of one million viewers.

In response to the news, Tony Khan tweeted the following:

I’ll interpret this as something of an ‘I told you so’ victory lap for Tony, and also a plug for AEW’s upcoming Revolution pay-per-view in Feb. 2021. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it, and it’s nothing more than an expression of gratitude towards AEW’s fan base.

What do you make of Khan’s latest tweet about a power shift in wrestling?

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