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Report: Plans for Charlotte Flair’s return are ‘locked in’

Charlotte Flair has been off WWE television since June, but that hasn’t stopped her booking plans from dominating the wrestling conversation at times.

A recent rumor from last week suggested that WWE has discussed pairing her up with Andrade when they both return. However, a new report from Inside the Ropes says that won’t be happening:

“Sources have told that while that idea may have been kicked around, an on-screen partnership between Charlotte and Andrade will not be happening and didn’t even get as far as being pitched to Flair.

The plans for the return of Charlotte Flair are already locked in. Sources say The Queen insisted long-term plans were laid out before she returned to TV and it seems as though she has gotten her wish.

Andrade’s plans as of right now are completely separate.”

Considering the contrast in how Flair and Andrade have both been presented on television, it makes sense that Vince McMahon would decide to not pair them up. Flair is a WrestleMania headliner and one of the top stars in the company, whereas Andrade struggles to even get matches on pay-per-view. Charlotte Flair was selected in the first round of the WWE Draft in October despite being off television for months, whereas Andrade was completely ignored. That’s how Vince McMahon regards them for now, and it’s going to take something substantial for him to suddenly put Andrade at her level on television.

The more interesting nugget here, at least to me, is the part about Flair insisting that long-term plans be in place for her before she returns. There are very few performers in WWE who can demand such a thing, and that’s partially because long-term booking doesn’t really seem to be a thing that exists for Vince McMahon these days.

Now here’s your chance to weigh in, Cagesiders. Let us know in the comments what you think these locked in plans for Flair will turn out to be.

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