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Is Alexa Bliss pulling The Fiend’s strings?

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The “A Moment of Bliss” segment that opened Raw last night (Nov. 30) ended with Randy Orton claiming to have gotten the last laugh.

As he did in their 2017 feud when he burned down the Wyatt Family compound, Orton thinks he’s found what matters to Bray Wyatt and his alter ego, The Fiend. Randy believes Alexa Bliss is Wyatt’s weakness. He thinks he proved that when The Fiend appeared to ask Orton to literally hand Bliss to him.

A more important exchange may have happened before the red lights came on. Just after The Viper makes it clear he thinks Alexa is what makes Bray vulnerable, Bliss turns the tables on Randy and makes him wonder, “who’s manipulating who?”

The surface level implication is that Wyatt is pulling Orton’s strings. But when I rewatch Lil Miss Bliss stand up to he much bigger guest, I wondered if she isn’t revealing her role as the puppet master in the entire situation.

Now, I’m not sure what Alexa’s issue with Randy would be, specifically. But if she is a manipulative force, she wouldn’t necessarily need a motive - she’d just need to know that it wouldn’t take much to get The Fiend to destroy a man who’d betrayed Bray in the past.

My theorizing/fantasy booking also ties in the dirt sheets’ reporting on whether WWE considers Wyatt to be a heel or a babyface. Dave Meltzer is the latest voice to chime in, saying on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that creative is booking this program with Orton as a “master heel” who will help Bray & Bliss complete their face turn.

Thus far in their partnership, it’s Wyatt who’s shown more flashes of goodness. He’s the one who helped Drew McIntyre (albeit passively) and targeted Miz. Alexa, on the other hand, has rejected help from Nikki Cross. She even tricked her former tag partner into a beating last week by pretending it was The Fiend who’d cast a spell over her.

What if she was the one who cast the spell, though? If WWE really wants to make Wyatt sympathetic, having his heart broken by an evil Goddess would do the trick.

I’m not sure how you’d pay off that angle, though. The Fiend certainly isn’t going to kick Bliss’ (totes adorbs) butt. She’d need a surrogate Bray could vanquish. You could slot Braun Strowman into that role, but I don’t really want to see more Wyatt vs. Strowman matches.

We’ll see where it goes. Regardless of where the story ends up, I appreciate that Orton, Bliss & Wyatt’s performances are interesting enough to give us possibilities like this to consider.

Who do you think is manipulating who?