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You’ll totally guess who doesn’t care that NXT had more viewers than AEW last week

All Elite Wrestling

On Thanksgiving Eve, NXT outdrew AEW by 2,000 viewers. That was noted by websites such as this one, because it doesn’t happen that often. And because while not all wrestling fans are invested in the Wednesday Night War, a lot of them are... which makes generating #content about it good business.

All of that information was likely going through Chris Jericho’s mind when he retweeted one outlet’s reporting of NXT’s audience size win:

The ratings race also tightened up on Nov. 25, but I doubt you’ll see the self-proclaimed Demo God get in the weeds about Dynamite’s nearly 30% week-to-week drop in the 18 - 49 year old demo. There’s a good chance that was a pre-holiday aberration, and this week AEW will bounce back to the ≥.30 they’ve been doing since September.

Plus, he’s not wrong that Dynamite did win all the key demos last Wednesday. He also got the free promotion he knew he would by tweeting about it.

I wish he wouldn’t call me “daddy” though. That just creeps me out.

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