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Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley leave it all in the ring in brutal ‘I Quit’ match at Full Gear

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There was ton of history between the two men in the World title main event of Full Gear. Challenger Eddie Kingston wore a ton of history on his body, with a Tracy Smothers t-shirt and Mitsuharu Misawa ring gear. Champion Jon Moxley was decked out in his usual attire, fitting for the all-business approach he brought into the “I Quit” match on Nov. 7 in Jacksonville.

Kingston was hobbled and Mox was busted open before the major hardware was even introduced, so you knew it was going to be brutal. Then the challenger dug chairs out from under the ring and the champ got a barbed wire baseball bat.

Bleeding from the mouth, Eddie wrapped some of the barbed wire around his fist. After tearing him up with punches and a spinning backfist, he worked a kimura... then got suplexed onto some chairs he’d set-up for Mox. Kingston survived that to empty a bag of thumbtacks in the ring. The champ went back-first into those.

Three low blows only got the challenger a middle finger, so he emptied one of the trainer’s bottles of rubbing alcohol on Mox’s punctured back. Even more violence followed, but Moxley wouldn’t quit. The champ came back with a tombstone and a Paradigm Shift, but when it became clear there was nothing else he could do, it was a bulldog choke with barbed wire around his arm that got Kingston to finally say the words.

Mox tried to help his long-time friend to his feet, but Kingston wouldn’t have it. Eddie then limped off into the night, and the champ got a moment to celebrate before the new #1 contender came out to send a message.

Kenny Omega had no interest in another hardcore match with Mox after their Full Gear encounter last year. Maybe a straight up wrestling match at Revolution on Feb. 27?

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