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Report: Matt Jackson has a legitimate ACL injury

The Young Bucks are challenging FTR for the AEW tag titles this Saturday, Nov. 7, at Full Gear. One major storyline here is that FTR severely damaged Matt Jackson’s ankle, leaving the Bucks at less than 100% going into the match.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez explains that Matt Jackson actually suffered a legit leg injury in July during a tag team match on Dynamite, and they decided to work it into the storyline:

“The story with Matt is he has a partially torn MCL and a thinning of the ACL, which is considered a slight tear. And so that’s why they’re doing the ankle gimmick. So he has a legitimate injury. And I guess he’s been rehabbing it, and I guess they figure that they can do the match...

Apparently it happened in the match with the Butcher and the Blade. Remember they did the dives off the stage? He did the flying elbow and injured the knee, and he’s been rehabbing it ever since. So they’re turning it into a storyline for this match.”

The match with the flying elbow that Alvarez cites took place over three months ago. Matt Jackson has worked several matches since then, so he’ll likely be able to get through one more at Full Gear. But a thinning ACL? That doesn’t sound good at all.

Jackson has responded to the report by assuring fans he’s good to go for Full Gear, and taking a shot or two at FTR:

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