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Chris Jericho doesn’t practice what he preaches

AEW on TNTs Twitter

This post has nothing to do with Chris Jericho’s tweets, I promise.

No, this one is all about the angle that played out on Dynamite last night (Nov. 4) when Jericho lectured MJF about being soft and lacking a killer instinct. Jericho claimed that everyone in the Inner Circle is tough and willing to do whatever it takes to win, and he used Jake Hager’s recent low blow MMA victory as proof of that claim.

That’s all well and good, but the problem here is that Chris Jericho can’t back up his own words, at least not in 2020. AEW has hosted three pay-per-views this year, and Jericho has lost on every single event. He lost the AEW world title against Jon Moxley at Revolution in February, he was on the losing team during the Stadium Stampede at Double or Nothing in May, and Le Champion was dumped into a giant vat of mimosa at the hands of Orange Cassidy at All Out in September. If Jericho truly has a killer instinct and is willing to do whatever it takes to win, he has a strange way of showing it because he has lost the three most important AEW matches of his year.

One popular fan theory going around about Jericho’s upcoming match against MJF at Full Gear on Nov. 7 is that MJF is going to kick Jericho out of his own stable, becoming the new leader of the Inner Circle. Perhaps Jericho’s stablemates are getting sick of the orange juice and other assorted silliness, and are ready to embrace someone who actually does have a killer instinct. For what it’s worth, MJF denied the rumor on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, calling the idea ridiculous. But that’s exactly what a dishonest heel would say if he was really planning something this bold, right?

Do you think Jericho is going to cap off a winless year on AEW pay-per-view at Full Gear?

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