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PAC breaks his silence

The coronavirus pandemic has kept PAC overseas and away from AEW. The last time we saw him on Dynamite, PAC was part of a new faction with the Lucha Bros called Death Triangle. The Lucha Bros have since moved on to join a new faction with Eddie Kingston.

So what has the bastard PAC been up to? He finally broke his silence on tonight’s (Nov. 4) episode of Dynamite:

Okay, so PAC has spent his time in isolation being miserable in this rotten world, but getting stronger and faster every single day. And if the past is a reliable indicator, it’s quite likely that PAC is spending his time off chiseling the most ridiculous physique you’ve ever seen.

He does mention being abandoned. I’m not so sure that this is going to end well for Eddie Kingston or the Lucha Bros.

What do you think is next for PAC in AEW?

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