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Something interesting is brewing with The Elite

It shouldn’t be that hard to build up a dream match between the Young Bucks and FTR. They’ll meet for the AEW tag titles at Full Gear on Nov. 7 in a match that could be a big enough deal to main event the card. But it probably won’t be the main event due to the lackluster creative path AEW chose for this story. Both teams have been playing heel; the Young Bucks only leaned back towards the babyface side once the calendar said Full Gear was two weeks away and it was clear that a quick change in direction was needed.

AEW went back to basics this week with a promo video hyping this one up for what it should have been all along - a never before seen dream match that you absolutely need to tune into Full Gear to witness.

There was also a very effective post-match angle after the Bucks defeated Private Party on tonight’s (Nov. 4) episode of Dynamite. FTR attacked Nick and Matt, and attempted to once again Pillmanize the ankle of Matt Jackson.

That’s when Hangman Page came out to save the day, with a cameo from Kenny Omega:

FTR manipulated Hangman Page into betraying the Young Bucks back in August, which resulted in Page being booted from The Elite, and set the Bucks on a darker path.

This angle teases something interesting going on with The Elite, and perhaps this will play into the booking decisions coming up at Full Gear on Nov. 7 for both of these matches (Omega vs. Page, FTR vs. Young Bucks).

Was this angle enough to get you hyped up for Full Gear this weekend?

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