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Miro finally has a good match in AEW

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Miro debuted in AEW in September and has spent most of his time being angry, playing video games, and wearing expensive clothes. What he hasn’t done much is actually wrestle.

On tonight’s (Nov. 4) episode of Dynamite, Miro wrestled in his first singles match since January when he competed as Rusev in WWE. He matched up against Trent?, and it was a pretty good match! Things could have gone bad at the end when Trent? slipped off the top rope, but Miro immediately booted him in the face and locked in his finisher for the win.

The action wasn’t over there. Whenever the Best Friends are around, Orange Cassidy isn’t too far behind. He happened to drop in on Miro after the match was over:

Is this what you want to see from Miro in AEW going forward?

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