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Even his friends are calling Chris Jericho out for his bad election tweet

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As you’re undoubtedly aware, we’re picking our next President here in the U.S. of A.

We’ve done it every four years for nearly two-and-a-half centuries, but this time is different because of, among many things, the ongoing global pandemic. But it’s not the first time we haven’t had results before going to bed on election night. Which is one of a few things wrong with this tweet from AEW’s Chris Jericho:

His long-time friend Lance Storm was one of many to remind Jericho about what happened back in Y2J, er, we mean Y2K...

Lance gets to the big factual error of Jericho’s tweet, but MVP’s response is probably more fitting...

Because even if we ignore evidence that not only is Chris “a political person,” but that he’s one with a dog in this fight - he’s still pushing a false narrative that there’s something strange about counting absentee or mail-in ballots. It’s a practice which has happened since the Civil War, and for which state election offices have processes and procedures in place to handle in a secure, non-partisan fashion.

Of course this year, at a time when many were encouraged or chose to vote by mail due to COVID-19, our current President has pushed the unfounded theory those ballots are somehow fraudulent. And either through ignorance or malice, Jericho is priming his large following to be more receptive to that theory with his tweet.

So our hats are off to Lance Storm, MVP, and the many others calling Le Champeon out for his bad tweet.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Constitutional Crisis.

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