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ROH & TNA veteran Jimmy Rave retires following amputation

On Saturday (Nov. 28), Jimmy Rave tweeted out a statement announcing his retirement from pro wrestling. The 37 year old Rave, whose real name is James Guffey, was a staple of the aughts scene, first with Ring of Honor and later with TNA. He’s ending his career because an infection led to the amputation of his left arm.

While in ROH, Rave was much-hated heel who worked with the promotion’s biggest names - many of whom would go on to be among the biggest in the business. AJ Styles, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe & Nigel McGuinness all feuded with Rave during his initial four year run with the company.

Even before he moved to TNA in 2007, he often worked in groups and tag teams. Once on Impact during that company’s most popular years, he tagged with Lance Archer (working as Lance Rock) in a team managed by Christy Hemme called The Rock ‘n’ Rave Infection.

That run ended in 2009 when both Rave & Archer were released by TNA. Rave would later reveal he was in active addiction during this period of his career, but got clean and continued to work the independents with sporadic returns to both ROH & Impact throughout the next decade.

His wrestling days are over now, unfortunately, as he explained on Twitter:

I have been very blessed for the last 21 years in professional wrestling and getting to live out my dream. Today, that dream has ended for me and I have a new reality. This past Tuesday my world came crashing down when doctors found an infection in my left arm. I tried toughing it out but by the time I saw a doctor it was too late and they had to amputate my left arm above the elbow. Thus effectively ending my in-ring career.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me or anyone who has pegged me with a roll of toilet paper. To my brothers & sisters I have shared the ring with or a locker room; thank you for always pushing me to be better. Thank You to all of my mentors and my students who allow me to still feel needed. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to type. If you have questions or comments please feel free to DM me. Please take your health much more seriously than I did. I am sorry for anyone I have let down. Support pro wrestling!

- Jimmy Rave

Archer and others retweeted and reacted to Rave’s announcement, including many younger talents he’s helped train over the past decade.

Alex Shelley: “This man truly sacrificed his body for pro wrestling. I can’t even begin to describe how special our times were together. I love you.”

August Grey: “I’ve always been a fan and always will. You’re the man, Jimmy! Thank you for your time in the ring with me and always looking out for me and all of the boys and girls in the locker room. Stay strong”

Priscilla Kelly: “Without the knowledge you gave me over the years I would not be the wrestler I am today. You always took the time to teach me and work with me in the ring, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Truly an amazing mind and talent. Thank you, Jimmy.”

CZW: “We can not thank you enough, as a talent, a trainer, or behind the scenes You will have a place with CZW. We support you.”

On behalf of the entire Cageside Seats community, thanks for the memories Jimmy, and best wishes for whatever comes next.

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