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ROH has a new faction ready to purify professional wrestling

Jonathan Gresham was fresh off riding high from his tournament win over Tracy Williams to be crowned the ROH Pure Champion when a new faction was born. Gresham plans to lead his crew into purifying professional wrestling.

Gresham made his intentions public in post-match comments aired during ROH Week by Week.

What’s next? You know at one time being the Ring of Honor World Champion meant more. It meant that you were the best professional wrestler in the world. And with that came a responsibility. A responsibility to this company to always be the alternative in professional wrestling and to always protect professional wrestling freedom at all costs.

Rush, you as Ring of Honor World Champion, you have not continued that tradition. You are not the champion that this company needs.

So, I say the Pure Championship should be no different than what the Ring of Honor World Championship once was. This belt means and me holding it means that I am the BEST pure professional wrestler in the world. And with that I understand comes a responsibility. A responsibility to my locker room, to my company, and, most importantly, this company’s fans.

We’ve always been the innovators here. We’ve always been the alternative. This company once represented professional wrestling freedom. And if I have anything to say about it, if I have anything to do about it going forward, this company will be that again.

My name is Jonathan Gresham. I am your Ring of Honor World Pure Wrestling Champion, and I would like to welcome you all to the new era of honor. And we are all Ring of Honor strong.

As Gresham was speaking, Jay Lethal, Tracy Williams, and a flag bearing octopus man sidled behind Gresham to form The Foundation. (For those that don’t watch ROH, Gresham is nicknamed The Octopus and wears an octopus mask to the ring. Thus the man in the red mask.)


That was a mighty fine promo from Gresham. He put over the new title hard. The fluctuation in his voice added emphasis in the right moments. The conviction in Gresham’s words makes me believe he will live up to his message.

I like that ROH appears to be embracing the popularity of the Pure tournament. It really has been a true alternative to the typical forms of sports entertainment. The big question will be if ROH can keep the Pure momentum on the right track. Gresham leading the charge should be good.

It was interesting to call out Rush, and I couldn’t help but notice that The Foundation has three members to match Los Ingobernables with Rush, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King. Any pairing between those two factions under Pure rules should be exciting. There could even be gold changing hands. The trios titles are the only championships in ROH not currently held by either The Foundation or Los Ingobernables.

Are you interested in The Foundation? Do you buy Gresham as the most important champ in ROH right now? How would you like to see the Pure division utilized going forward?