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Boa & Xia Li grovel before mystery badass

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NXT has been telling a story with Boa and Xia Li that has been a weird but intriguing one.

You can catch up with the story in full here, which refers to a mysterious elderly man making Boa, and here, which hints at a mysterious female force that has power over both Boa and Xia.

The long and the short of it is Chinese wrestlers Boa and Xia Li are beholden to some strong powerful force. This week, they came face to face with the mystery individual.

Both wrestlers, who are clearly ragged and worn down from this entire experience, were driven to an unknown location by the older man. There, they kneeled before a hooded woman who did not say anything.

They grovel at her feet, pleading for another chance. She just signals to the man who marks both their hands with ash, like he did to Boa weeks back.

What does this all mean? Ya got me. I’m clueless. But I’m definitely curious.

This also gave us no hints at who this mysterious force is. Is it Karen Q? Is it Meiko Satomura (who isn’t Chinese, but definitely a badass)?

We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

You can find all the results from tonight’s episode of NXT at the live blog here.