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Heel turn shakes up presumed WarGames teams

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Last week, when NXT announced the next WarGames, they set up a team led by Candice LeRae to face a team led by Shotzi Blackheart.

They didn’t officially announce anything else regarding that match, but it was pretty easy to assume that it’d be Candice, Indi Hartwell, Raquel González, & Dakota Kai vs. Shotzi, Toni Storm, Ember Moon, & one more.

Well, you know what they say about those who assume...

The opening segment tossed a wrench into those predictions when Toni Storm turned on Ember Moon.

Ember opened the show against Candice LeRae, but LeRae had Kai, González, and Hartwell at ringside running interference, actions that led to a Poison Pixie win. Toni walked down after the match, presumably to help Ember with the numbers game. Instead she attacked Moon and tossed her to the Wolves.

Candice revealed that it would be Raquel, Dakota, and Toni on her team. It looks like Indi Hartwell will be sitting this one out.

That opened up two spots on Shotzi’s team.

That started to come together during Rhea Ripley’s announcement regarding her future.

The Nightmare put over Io Shirai before letting fans know she’s not going anywhere. She’s still focused on the Women’s title. That’s when she was interrupted by LeRae.

Candice talked some trash before revealing that her team beat the hell out of Shirai, the champ’s limp body on the shoulders of González. This because a four on one attack, with Team LeRae beating the hell out of the Nightmare. Ripley held her own for a respectable amount of time, but those numbers were always going to get the best of her.

It’s not official, but we can safely guess Io and Rhea will round out Shotzi’s team. Then again, we felt we could reasonably guess the teams last week and that was wrong so...

You can find all the results from tonight’s episode of NXT at the live blog here.