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Hangman Page might find a new home with the Dark Order

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Adam Page suffered a major defeat earlier this month at Full Gear when he came up short in AEW’s World Title Eliminator tournament against Kenny Omega.

The Hangman resurfaced on Dynamite this week (Nov. 25), without a beverage in hand or a friend at his side, to defeat John Silver of the Dark Order. After getting his name back in the win column, the rest of the Dark Order (minus Brodie Lee, who remains absent) came down to the ring.

They issued a recruitment pitch of sorts to Page. As part of this pitch, they dismissed The Elite as a cult, and seemingly expressed genuine concern for Hangman’s well-being. If Hangman Page is looking for some new friends, he knows where to find the Dark Order.

Hangman Page has resisted the Dark Order in the past. Do you think things will work out differently this time?

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