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Taz calls out AEW management and chokes out Cody Rhodes

On tonight’s (Nov. 25) episode of Dynamite, Taz decided to call out AEW management for disrespecting the FTW championship. He took the show hostage and refused to leave the ring until someone from management came out to fix this problem.

After his microphone was cut off multiple times by power players in the back, Cody Rhodes finally emerged with a headset on. Representing AEW management, he tried to defuse the situation.

It didn’t work at all. Taz dropped in some references to creative having nothing for him, as well as future endeavors. Things got real, and Cody then crossed the line when he wondered why Taz’s son, Hook, is training to wrestle with him instead of Taz.

That was a step too far, and Taz choked out Cody Rhodes for going there.

Taz bailed from the ring. Hook then came out as one of the people who subsequently checked on Cody.

What did you think of this worked shoot between Cody and Taz? And how long will it be until Cody wins the FTW championship?

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