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Lance Archer saves the day?

The main event of tonight’s (Nov. 25) episode of Dynamite was a tag team match pitting PAC and Rey Fenix against The Butcher and The Blade. Eddie Kingston made sure to get involved at the end, clipping Fenix’s leg off the top turnbuckle and leaving him vulnerable to Butcher and Blade’s combo finisher.

Of course the heels were not satisfied with just a three count in their favor. After the match was over, Kingston picked up PAC and DDT’d him twice onto a steel chair. But just when it looked like Kingston was going to deliver a potentially crippling trifecta...the Murderhawk Monster saved the babyfaces?

It’s not clear if this means Lance Archer is now a babyface. At the very least, he has a personal beef with Kingston that stretches back a couple of months, and he wants a piece of Eddie’s ass.

Eddie Kingston now has both a Bastard and a Murderhawk Monster gunning for him. Good luck with that one, my man.

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