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MLW Roundup: Opera Cup tournament kicks off tonight with Lawlor vs Romero & Holliday vs TJP

Let’s catch up on the latest news in MLW and preview tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion.

MLW returned in a blaze of glory last week. The Restart saw Myron Reed and Jacob Fatu retain their respective championships and a very large Contra hooligan attack Alexander Hammerstone from behind.

MLW fans have been buzzing about the identity of Contra’s masked man. There have been no official leads yet, but there are theories that he could be Contra’s literal black hand. Hammerstone’s health status is also in question. Sources claim he may have suffered significant damage to the neck, spine, and solar plexus. I’m not too concerned about Hammer’s solar plexus. Since it rhymes with flex, the master of Muscle Mountain can probably flex the pain away.

Putting Hammerstone on the sideline makes sense from a story perspective, so the focus can be on the upcoming Opera Cup. That tournament is going to take at least a month to play out.

In the meantime, both Hammerstone and his Hammerheads can cherish the good times of punching the head off a Contra goon until Hammer returns for more destruction.

Opera Cup on MLW Fusion

MLW is continuing full steam ahead with the return of the storied Opera Cup tournament tonight on MLW Fusion. This year’s bracket looks top notch.

  • Tom Lawlor vs Rocky Romero
  • Laredo Kid vs ACH
  • Low Ki vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Richard Holliday vs TJP

Two opening round bouts will take place tonight on Fusion. Lawlor battles Romero and Holliday dances with TJP. I’m predicting Lawlor and TJP. Mr. Filthy is intent on winning the cup to secure a lucrative Condom Depot sponsorship. That is double motivation for Lawlor. As for Holliday, I’m concerned he won’t be fully prepared after being stranded in the Caribbean last week. If he isn’t focused, then TJP will twist him into a pretzel.

In addition is the MLW debut of Calvin Tankman. His last name seems fitting as a tank of a man at 355 pounds. Tankman is looking to earn money, championships, and respect. His path to glory starts tonight.

Also advertised is a medical update on Alexander Hammerstone, word from Lio Rush in regard to a future middleweight title fight against Myron Reed, and a statement from Salina de la Renta.

MLW Fusion streams on Fubo Sports Network Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, posts on YouTube Wednesdays at 7 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on demand with DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

Quick hits

The Dynasty duo of Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone have had a little trouble finding a solid third ever since MJF exited to AEW. Could Lio Rush be on their radar? Bonding over AirPods is one way into Holliday’s heart.

I wonder if Hammerstone’s ears are too muscular for AirPods. I could see his tragus crushing them to dust.

Court Bauer stated that TJP will be around MLW for more than the Opera Cup.

Hammerstone may be looking to add a special submission to his game.

If you’ve been looking for MLW merch, this week is the time to purchase. Their shop with Pro Wrestling Tees has 20% off everything until Nov. 30 at 1 pm ET.

We’ll close with a little bit of comedy from LA Park.

Park was crying about not being able to lose weight, then he became excited when the tamale man came.

What are your predictions for tonight’s Opera Cup matchups?

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