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NXT preview (Nov. 25, 2020): Stick around

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NXT returns tonight (Nov. 25) from the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC) in Orlando, Florida. They are building towards TakeOver: WarGames on Sunday, Dec. 6.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Kevin Owens return for commentary
  • A member of Undisputed vs. a member of the Kings of NXT in a Ladder match for the WarGames advantage
  • Ember Moon vs. Candice LeRae

As per usual, here are our five questions about NXT tonight:

1) Will Kevin Owens be stopping by for longer?

Kevin Owens is on commentary tonight because Wade Barrett is off for the week. And it’s probably just that. But I can’t help but hope it could be a little more.

Last year, KO stopped by NXT to participate in a WarGames match. He’s not really doing anything on SmackDown right now. Most recently, he was on the SmackDown Survivor Series team that got swept. So it’s not like he’s in some big spot on Fridays right now.

With the men’s division in NXT needing a little variety, KO sticking around for a little bit would help shake things up. He could have some matches with Kushida or Tommaso Ciampa or Adam Cole to liven up the division, especially if Finn Bálor needs a bit more time to recover.

He’ll be sitting ringside tonight so we’ll see if anyone steps to him.

2) What other matches get added to the WarGames card?

Right now, we have two official WarGames matches for the TakeOver in a week and a half. There’s Team Candice LeRae vs. Team Shotzi Blackheart on the women’s side and there’s Undisputed ERA vs. Pat McAfee’s Kings of NXT on the men’s side.

Last year was the first year there were two WarGames matches. They only had two other matches on the card that year. So we should probably assume it goes the same way this year.

One match is pretty much booked. It’s not official, but there will most likely be a triple threat North American title match between Leon Ruff, Johnny Gargano, and Damian Priest. That leaves one more match.

I don’t think we’re getting a major title match. Finn Bálor doesn’t have a feud ready made (if he’s ready to go). Io Shirai just had her match against Rhea Ripley, which was excellent. With all the legit competitors already likely in the WarGames match, her gold won’t be on the line either.

Most likely, they’ll go with Tommaso Ciampa vs. Timothy Thatcher, which was set up last week.

3) Who gets the final presumptive spot in the women’s WarGames match?

The women’s WarGames match only has two official competitors - Shotzi Blackheart on one side and Candice LeRae on the other. But after last week, we can reasonably surmise five more members.

No doubt that LeRae’s pal Indi Hartwell will be at her side. Dakota Kai and Raquel González joined these two in a four woman beat down last week so we can assume they’ll round out the villain’s team.

The two women taking that beatdown were Ember Moon and Toni Storm. Toni had some issues with Candice the week prior when the Poison Pixie cheated to win in their match. Then LeRae and Hartwell beat up Storm and Shotzi. So we can safely assume Moon and Storm will be joining Blackheart.

That leaves one spot for Shotzi’s team. My guess is Io Shirai. Given there’s no title match for her, this would be the way they get their top woman on the show. The champ has a long history with Candice LeRae so it won’t take creative acrobatics to get her there.

There aren’t many other options. Someone like Kacy Catanzaro or Kayden Carter who have had their run ins with LeRae and Hartwell. But they’re a team and both women aren’t going to enter. Though I could see them allowing Catanzaro to climb all over the WarGames structure.

4) Who is she?

Last week, a frightened Boa told William Regal, “She’s coming.” His utter fear painted this mysterious “she” as a force not to be reckoned with. It’s someone who has both Boa and Xia Li running scared.

We speculated a bit last week. My initial post forgot about Karen Q, who has been out with a broken ankle since July of 2019. But that was over a year ago, and her Twitter suggests she’s training to return. She would make sense because this angle involves wrestlers from China, though unlike Boa and Li, she was born in the United States. That doesn’t entire fit the mysterious woman coming from their homeland vibe Boa gave last week, but they can make it work.

I still would love to see Meiko Satomura. She’s not Chinese but instead Japanese, so she wouldn’t obviously fit in this story. But any excuse to see my favorite wrestler from the second Mae Young Classic.

5) Where’s Robert Stone?

Throughout the summer, we could depend on a comedy segment involving Robert Stone and Aliyah every week. Robbie was so good at being a buffoon.

But since then, he’s disappeared. So once again, I save this last question to ask about the whereabouts of a manager. Weeks back, I wondered about Malcolm Bivens, who has been off TV after a member of the tag team he managed on-air spoiled the end of the Great American Bash. I don’t recall Aliyah giving away the ending of Halloween Havoc so more likely, they decided to move on from Stone’s weekly comedy segments.

At this point, they may as well join forces. Let’s call them Bivens & Stone Associates (AKA BS Associates) and they work together to form a stable. While they’d work together, they’d also bicker all the time, getting on each other’s nerves. They’d consistently try to undermine the other but somehow stumble into success.

This one is free, Hunter.

We’ll see if we get any answers to those questions at 8 PM ET on USA Network.