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Renee’s first Oral Sessions guest is exactly who you thought it be

And she and hubby Jon Moxley are as adorable together as they always are.

Her new podcast Oral Sessions was the less exciting of two recent Renee Paquette announcements (number one, of course being that her clothes are tight... just kidding! It’s the reason why her clothes are tight that’s number one - and we’re not talking about that cookbook). But the first episode hit today (Tues., Nov. 24) and we’re still pretty excited.

As many of us guessed, Renee didn’t have to go too far to nab her first guest - it’s her hubby, the father of her child, and our AEW World champion, Jon Moxley! And in case Total Divas fans (or anybody, really) were worried, the couple are still totes adorbs.

You can tell from the above clip. Mox discusses learning to be comfortable around fans despite his aversion to fame, aided by doing a “**** ton of Make-A-Wishes” while with WWE. Renee says he’s still “abrupt” with people, which he denies, and that gives her a chance to show off a side eye/eyebrow raise combo that many a spouse and partner will appreciate.

It also seems to irk him when she squeezes his cheeks and calls him “****ing cute,” so Kenny Omega may want to take note of that heading into their title bout on Dec. 2.

The whole show is charming. Paquette is a great interviewer, even with someone who’s “abrupt”. Moxley doesn’t say too much we haven’t heard before, but the soon-to-be 35 year old does plan to start “working smarter” soon, and maybe even slow down, in order to continue wrestling until their kids can see him do what he loves (Mox says he’d like to continue until he’s 50).

Find Oral Sessions on your favorite podcast service (links here), and let us know what you think about these two crazy kids.

I think they just might have a future in this business.

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