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MLW Fusion recap & reactions: Jacob Fatu is the most unstoppable force in wrestling today

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MLW kicked off The Restart in grand fashion with two title fights in episode 110 of MLW Fusion. Myron Reed took a step toward greatness and Jacob Fatu showed why he is the most unstoppable force in wrestling today.

The Restart began with a cold open showing MLW’s past to current storylines before the pandemic. Rich Bocchini and Jared St. Laurent were on commentary.

Alexander Hammerstone vs Dugan

20-second squash. Hammerstone clobbered Dugan with a clothesline then ended it with a Nightmare Pendulum. Hammer grabbed a mic to express his desire in getting physical with Jacob Fatu. Hammerman told Fatu to stop running and give the people the fight they want to see.

Myron Reed was the focus of a highlight recap package for his feud with Brian Pillman Jr. Reed has goals to prove he is the young GOAT, and Pillman is a roadblock. Reed wants to build his legacy for the next generation.

The middleweight challenger’s music hit, but Pillman didn’t come to the ring. Commentary wondered if it was mind games or diva behavior.

Lio Rush is coming soon.

A commercial played for the law offices of Stephen P. New. I was never sure if he was an actual person or a joke from Jim Cornette. Since the commercial was about opioids, it leads to me to believe it was legit.

MLW World Middleweight Championship: Myron Reed vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman finally made his way to the ring. St. Laurent mentioned Pillman’s fighting weight was 220 pounds after making the 205 weigh-in. Jordan Oliver was by Reed’s side at the ring. Reed still wore his chest protector despite that original injury happening so long ago.

Pillman roughhoused Reed early. The tide turned when Pillman hurt his hand chopping Reed’s chest protector. Reed came back with a suicide dive. On a second suicide dive attempt, Pillman surprised Reed with an uppercut. Pillman used a slingshot senton to get back in the ring.

Pillman smashed a powerslam then worked stretch submissions to wear down Reed. The champ rallied with a leg drop and a flying corkscrew uppercut. Reed took off his chest protector as a mind game of showing no fear. That tactic did not work, since Pillman fired up with elbow blasts and chops. Reed returned strikes. Running crossbodies from both men resulted in a stalemate.

That match progressed with hot moves and fiery intensity. The first close pinfall came after Reed connected on a stunner, a flying cutter, and an inverted suplex. Pillman kicked out and came back with a fisherman’s driver.

Reed used sucker tricks for victory. He placed the chest protector on the middle turnbuckle then lured Pillman in for a running knee. Reed dodged the attack, and Pillman’s knee collided with the foreign object. Reed capitalized on Pillman’s pain with a Cap’n Crunch air raid crash to retain his title at 11:17.

Promo & news break

Backstage, Reed told the fans to stop sleeping on the young GOAT. He heard Lio Rush is here in MLW. Reed wants to prove himself against the best, so he wants Lio next.

Los Parks plan to finish and humiliate Contra Unit soldiers, then they will carry on their quest to attain MLW gold.

Josef Samael issued a warning from the Contra Unit. While MLW celebrates The Restart, be aware of silence in the shadows. Samael is far away in the badlands of Tunisia getting ready for the next stage in this war. Jacob Fatu chimed in about Davey Boy Smith Jr. He broke that British poodle before, and, now, he will cripple Smith. Fatu will dog walk him and break his back. This is the pain game. Samael finished with threats of the black hand of Contra putting MLW in a death grip.

Recap of Konnan exposing Salina de la Renta as Contra’s insider. Salina will be on Fusion next week to provide an official statement.

The Opera Cup begins on the next Fusion episode. The bracket was revealed.

  • Tom Lawlor vs Rocky Romero
  • Laredo Kid vs ACH
  • Low Ki vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Richard Holliday vs TJP

Alternates are Gino Medina, Jordan Oliver, Hijo de LA Park, King Mo, Dominic Garrini, and Daga.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. has had rough and tough training with Josh Barnett, Kazushi Sakuraba, and “Tiger Mask” Satoru Sayama in preparation for his world title fight. This is the biggest bout of Smith’s career. Heavyweight gold is his destiny.

Calvin Tankman arrives next week.

Richard Holliday was stuck in the Caribbean and couldn’t participate in The Restart. Holliday suspects Alicia Atout had a hand in his being stranded as payback for trying to get her blocked at the Canadian border.

Kevin Von Erich shared a story with his sons about World Class Championship Wrestling almost being called Major League Wrestling. Kevin put over Court Bauer as Gary Hart’s protege. Marshall noticed the divine nature of making the past into the present.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Electric staredown to start. The tension was palpable. The two powerhouses felt each other out with neither man getting an advantage until Smith hit a powerslam as Fatu was running off the ropes. Smith shockingly won a battle of headbutts to put Fatu down. Fatu fought back by targeting Smith’s lower back.

Smith scored the first big move on a Saito suplex.

Smith couldn’t maintain momentum. He ran right into a side slam from Fatu. The champ climbed the turnbuckles, but Smith charged in to headbutt Fatu in the gut. Smith hoisted Fatu up for a powerslam, however, the damage to his lower back gave way. Smith dropped Fatu and collapsed to the mat. Fatu seized the moment for a thrust kick to the lower back then a Samoan drop. Fatu finished the fight with a moonsault at 10:22. Hail, Contra!

Fatu grabbed the mic to to insult the MLW locker room, specifically calling Hammerstone a bitch. Hammer came down to the ring and blasted the head off a Contra soldier. A very large masked individual came down from behind with a chair to whack Hammerstone and chokeslam him on the apron. Contra stood tall to close The Restart.

It is good to have MLW back in our lives. The Restart delivered as advertised. Both title fights were solid. The middleweight bout was slicker and quicker, while the heavyweight contest was more of an old school clash of power. The show also offered teases, surprises, and future matchups to whet our appetite with anticipation.

Reed is on his way to greatness. Step one achieved by outsmarting Pillman. I appreciate that Reed didn’t use any interference from Jordan Oliver. Doing it solo helps establish him as a top gun. It also adds substance behind his boisterous claims of being the young GOAT. Sure, Reed still cheated, but he did it in a way that was creative and effective for building heat.

Fatu showed that he is the most unstoppable force in wrestling today. Not only does he have power, he also demonstrated a strategical awareness to target Smith’s back for future gains. As much as I’m rooting for Hammerstone to dethrone the Contra king, I’d still put money on Fatu walking out as champ. In fact, I think Jon Moxley is the only current wrestler I’d have to think hard about before betting on Fatu.

The idea of Hammerstone versus Fatu has me all riled up with excitement. I like that MLW set up a hurdle for Hammerstone with that mystery man. The title feud will have time to simmer as Hammer snacks on that appetizer before getting to the main course in Fatu. I don’t know who the masked Contra goon was, but my initial reaction was possibly Luke Gallows in a fun side gig. I don’t think the tattoos check out though. It doesn’t matter, since Hammerman is going to tear that fool up.

On the promo tip, Fatu was a stone cold badass with his words for Smith. Holliday’s frustration at missing The Restart was humorous and also smartly closed the door of questioning why he didn’t have Hammerstone’s back later in the evening.

The atmosphere for The Restart felt right. The smokey arena, match timer, and analysis from St. Laurent were all bright spots. Even MARS upped their game for their best stat to date with a Fatu moonsault being equivalent to a 75-mph car crash. That makes the impact easy to visualize. The only thing I didn’t like was the choice of background noise. The fan murmur sounded more like chatter at a busy diner rather than a sporting event.

The next episode of Fusion kicks off the Opera Cup tournament. MLW put together a strong field. I’m pleased that Smith will get a chance to defend the trophy as last year’s winner. MLW didn’t do him any favors by matching up with Low Ki. That is a tough one to call. I’ll predict Low Ki in an upset. One question I do have is why does MLW need so many alternates for the Opera Cup. There are six spots for a seven match tournament.

Share you thoughts on episode 110 of MLW Fusion. Did The Restart live up to your expectations?

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