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Women’s 5-on-5 Elimination Match

Team Raw versus Team SmackDown

Survivor Series is tonight, which means we get some good ole fashioned elimination style matches. Don’t get too excited though, in true WWE/2020 form, the women’s teams that will be facing each other tonight were haphazardly thrown together, and the only real storyline going into the PPV is “Can Lana avoid going through a table?”

Team SmackDown

Bayley, Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Natalya will be repping the blue brand tonight. Bayley is acting like she recruited and curated the team (qualifying matches picked the team), Bianca is trying to keep Bayley’s ego in check, Ruby & Liv are just happy to be there, and Nattie keeps calling herself the BOAT even if she has lost approximately 85% of her recent matches (note: math completely unsubstantiated).

While there may be no real team cohesion - hard to have team cohesion when the team wasn’t even settled until this week’s episode of SmackDown- on paper, they are a formidable group. Bayley was the champion for 387 days, Bianca is the EST for a reason, Ruby & Liv are plucky underdogs with serious skill, and Nattie, all her posturing aside, is an old school pro. Plus, there isn’t a lot of infighting or drama in their team. It’s mostly just them tolerating each other and focused on winning. Not a fantastic strategy for the W but not the worst.

The worst strategy goes to:

Team Raw

Team Raw is comprised of the women’s tag team champions, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, Peyton Royce, Lacey Evans, and the forlorn Lana. Nia & Shayna have been on the team since the beginning, as has Lana, but Peyton and Lacey are new recruits filling in for Mandy Rose (out with an injury/attacked by Shayna) and Dana Brooke (out with an injury/attacked by Retribution). They literally are last-minute stands ins.

Shayna & Nia seem to be getting along in as much as they hate everyone else on their team more than they hate each other. So at least there is a little cooperation there, but don’t expect more from the duo as Shayna is the reason Mandy Rose had to be replaced, and Nia has put their teammate, Lana, through the announce table nine times. Not to mention their utterly unimpressed attitude towards Peyton & Lacey joining their team. As far as co-captions are concerned, Nia and Shayna are steering this ship directly into an iceberg.

But never fear, Lana is here to save the day...maybe. There are one of two ways this underdog story can play out. Either they completely throw Lana under the bus (or onto the table) and make her a complete joke with a ten table destructive streak, or they redeem her (and Team Raw) by having her be the sole survivor and bring her team to victory. Then Nia will have to be nice to her...right??

What’s at stake?

Eh, not much other than bragging rights.

If Team Raw wins, maybe they’ll be nicer to Lana, maybe Peyton & Lacey make more sense as a duo, and maybe Shayna & Nia continue their dominant streak.

If Team SmackDown wins, maybe Nattie gets to keep calling herself the BOAT and have it mean something, maybe Bayley’s ego is a little less bruised, maybe Ruby & Liv continue their winning streak, and maybe Bianca Belair finally gets some recognition on the main brands.

But mostly, we’re all tuning in to see if Lana will go through table number ten or if she is indeed the sole survivor for Team Raw as many have predicted.

sigh... can’t believe they made us care about Lana.

Find out which team is victorious by tuning into Survivor Series 2020 and keeping it right here at Cageside Seats!


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