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Come for gross photos of PJ Black’s broken ankle, stay for reincarnation philosophy

PJ Black is no stranger to broken bones. In 2016, Black broke both his ankles while BASE jumping. In 2017, Black broke his leg in another BASE jumping accident. Black broke his ankle again this week. Don’t worry, it wasn’t from BASE jumping. Instead, he fell down the stairs during a full moon.

Black was kind enough to post some gross photos of the injury and surgical aftermath. The photos and video clips are in one Instagram post, so you need to click through if you want to see the nastiness. The third slide and the ninth slide may make your face contort. The rest of the slides are not gruesome, at least in my opinion.

Black is currently signed with Ring of Honor. In the Eck’s Files weekly newsletter, Kevin Eck stated that Black’s compound fracture resulted in 13 screws and 2 metal plates.

Now that you’ve seen the icky pictures, I can discuss my real takeaway. Black confirmed that Atlantis actually existed! Atlantis is thought to be a fictional island in the writings of Plato. The island supposedly disappeared under the sea without evidence of ever existing. Thanks to Black’s reincarnation visions, the fire has been stoked for one of my favorite mythical guilty pleasures.

2020 hasn’t been all bad for PJ Black. He did have a pretty cool summer.

Best wishes for Black’s recovery. With the downtime, let’s hope he can document some of those reincarnation experiences. I’m sure it would be a fascinating story.

What’s your take on PJ Black’s reincarnation thoughts? Do you think Atlantis actually existed?

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