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New Day and Street Profits clash in champion vs. champion action at Survivor Series

Match graphic for New Day vs. Street Profits at WWE Survivor Series 2020 WWE

It’s Survivor Series time, folks!

The one night a year where Raw and SmackDown go head-to-head, aside from all the other nights of the year when WWE bend their own rules to allow cross-brand competition!

And that means champion vs. champion matches with very little storyline thrown together, to entertain you!

Okay, okay, yes, that sucks and that means my job writing this preview is... oof, it’s not my favorite, but here’s the thing: These two tag teams are gonna kick each other’s ass and it’s gonna be great.

Not least because we know ahead of time the lineup for New Day here, and that means we’re getting one of the building blocks of a great pro wrestling match— stylistic differences!

New Day present a unique challenge compared to most teams, you see. Big E is five-foot-eleven of hoss powerhouse, Xavier Woods is pure speed and technique, and Kofi Kingston falls somewhere between the two with his mix of knockout kicks and traditional American high-flying. Any combination of the two is formidable, but if you prepare for one set and get another, well... you’re gonna get got.

But no, Street Profits know they’re going up against Kofi and Xavier tomorrow night, and that presents them an advantage— not only do they not have to worry about E’s strength, but with their own mix of Angelo Dawkins as power guy and Montez Ford as speed and finesse, they have the perfect hammer and anvil to trap New Day against and pound them into oblivion.

But let’s look at the tape, shall we— New Day have held tag team gold nine or ten times, depending on how you want to count their current reign, which started with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship before trading belts with Street Profits during this year’s WWE Draft. Plus Kofi Kingston is one of the most individually accomplished men in WWE today, having held tag titles several times with other partners, as well as seven reigns with WWE’s midcard titles and one with the WWE Championship.

But Street Profits, for all their short time in the spotlight, are plenty accomplished themselves— being former Evolve Tag Team Champions as well as NXT Tag Team Champions, they’ve won gold everywhere they’ve been.

Champion vs. champion and the pride of being the best tag team in WWE is on the line, who’s winning?


Who will win?

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  • 44%
    New Day
    (107 votes)
  • 55%
    Street Profits
    (131 votes)
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