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There’s a mystery woman coming to NXT

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Last week, we looked at the curious story of Boa and Xia Li.

The Readers Digest version is Chinese wrestler Boa kept getting notes from Xia Li’s family back in China. That led to her taking a bunch of matches that she was not successful in. Then last week, a mysterious older man walked to the ring and marked Boa’s hand with ash.

This week added more mystery.

William Regal, who is as confused as we are, went to Boa’s house to find out what’s going on. The wrestler answered the door looking ragged, with ash around his eye. He told Regal he can’t come to work because “she’s coming.”

The GM asked if he’s talking about Xia, who hasn’t been to work in weeks, Boa said no and just reiterated “She’s coming.”

Oooh. Some intrigue.

I have no idea who this could be. There are no Chinese female wrestlers on the roster that I’m aware of that could fit the bill of someone coming from their homeland as some force.

(Edit: It was pointed out in the comments that NXT has former ROH wrestler Karen Q under contract. Karen is Chinese as well so would fit the bill.)

There were reports that WWE signed Japanese superstar Meiko Satomura to work in NXT UK. Again, she’s not Chinese and wouldn’t fit what they’re doing, but she is a force to behold. And honestly, she’s awesome and I’d love to see her in NXT.

Only time will tell. Any guesses? Leave them below.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.