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Finn Bálor brings back Undisputed ERA, but his status is still unclear

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It’s been six weeks since we’ve seen NXT Champion Finn Bálor.

Last time we did, he was going to war in the main event of TakeOver 31 with Kyle O’Reilly. In that war, Finn sustained a broken jaw. He’s been off TV ever since. Until tonight.

After Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley had themselves an incredible title match, Finn came to the ring. He congratulated the women (because again, that match ruled) before shifting to his own status. The champ put himself over as a badass for wrestling with a broken jaw at TakeOver 31.

But before he could really tell us where he stood, outside being a badass, he was interrupted by Pat McAfee and his Kings of NXT. The verbose villain filled the champ in on what happened while he was away and on who he and his boys laid out.

Finn didn’t care to hear it. Because sure the mice will play when the cat is away, but now the cat is back. And he didn’t come alone.

The lights suddenly went out and Undisputed ERA’s music played. Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong walked to the ring and a brawl ensued between Pat’s boys and Undisputed.

So we know Undisputed is back and no doubt they’ll be occupying the other WarGames match at the Dec. 6 special. And it seems like Finn Bálor is back. But is he?

Finn never actually told us that he’s good to go. And he didn’t get physical at all during the brawl. Granted it wasn’t his fight to take part in, but this still didn’t give us a concrete answer. Maybe he is and we’re just to assume it. Or maybe this was a way for them to buy more time to let him heal. And with two WarGames matches at the TakeOver, maybe they don’t need an NXT title match.

We’ll find out more about Finn’s status in the coming weeks. Probably.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.