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Damian Priest helps Leon Ruff go 2-0 against Johnny Gargano

Last week saw the biggest upset in NXT history when Leon Ruff pinned Johnny Gargano to win the North American title.

Not surprisingly, Gargano was absolutely furious. He invoked his rematch clause against the young champ immediately, which went down tonight.

Johnny Wrestling didn’t even wait for the bell to ring to attack Ruff from behind. He unloaded on the new champ but Ruff fired back, giving Gargano a scare. But the challenger endured and seemed to have things well in control.

That’s when Damian Priest sauntered onto the stage, grabbing the attention of Johnny. Ruff went for a roll up but wasn’t able to score a quick pin this time around. Gargano continued his offense and hit his One Final Beat finisher. It looked like the Cinderella story was over.

Not so fast.

Damian Priest pulled Leon Ruff out of the ring, apologized to him, and then decked him in the face. This forced the referees hand, who called the match a DQ, awarding the victory to the champion.

Unlike last week, Priest was the sole reason Gargano isn’t North American champion. That protects the former champion and adds more fuel to their feud.

Damian Priest may be having a good time, but Leon Ruff isn’t laughing. He told the Archer of Infamy backstage that he doesn’t want him interfering in his matches. That if he can’t defend the title, he shouldn’t be champion. He delivered a slap to Priest for good measure. It was the type of passion you want to see from any champion.

Whether the help was wanted or not, Leon Ruff gets another week as North American champ.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.

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