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The Inner Circle’s trip to Las Vegas ends with Hornswoggle crying in a diaper

MJF celebrated his induction into the Inner Circle by booking the group a trip to Las Vegas.

On tonight’s (Nov. 18) episode of Dynamite we saw how the Inner Circle has a good time in Sin City. It involved Sammy Guevara getting screwed over in Blackjack, Chris Jericho and MJF making bad choices with alcohol, Konnan showing up to prove that dragons exist, and Jake Hager and Wardlow trying to one up each other by pummeling a bunch of jabronis. An Elvis impersonator eventually joined up with the group.

Everything went to hell by the next morning, with nobody have any memories of the night before. Chris Jericho woke up in bed with Elvis. Guevara was married three times. Hornswoggle was crying in a diaper?

Nothing of consequence seems to have come from this for now, other than the Inner Circle getting a match with SCU for next week’s episode of Dynamite.

What did you think of the Inner Circle’s hangover in Las Vegas?

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