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Jon Moxley is unable to sign the contract for the AEW world championship match against Kenny Omega

AEW is promoting the Dec. 2 episode of Dynamite as the biggest event in the history of their television show. Kenny Omega will challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW world championship on that night, and AEW is using the “Winter is coming” phrasing to hype up how big it is.

We were supposed to get a contract signing for the match on tonight’s (Nov. 18) episode of Dynamite. Omega made his over-the-top entrance and was there to get business done, but Moxley was nowhere to be found. That’s because he was laid out backstage:

Omega mostly brushed off the incident and even hinted that Moxley was looking for a way out the match. I’m sure that the Cleaner had nothing to do with the attack on Moxley. Right?

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