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Death Triangle is already back together

PAC shifted the balance of power in wrestling last week when he returned to an AEW ring after an extended hiatus. He clearly intends to do very bad things to Eddie Kingston, who tried to split up the Lucha Bros.

On tonight’s (Nov. 18) episode of Dynamite, PAC had his first official match back in AEW, where he prevailed over The Blade. The Butcher jumped PAC after the match, allowing Kingston to get in the ring to talk smack. Fenix showed up to help PAC, but the numbers were still not in their favor. Penta El Zero M then ran to the ring with a chair. Kingston pleaded with him to strike his brother with the chair, but Penta had other plans in mind:

PAC and the Lucha Bros were known as Death Triangle for a small period of time before the coronavirus pandemic changed plans around. It didn’t take PAC any time at all to get his allies away from Eddie Kingston and back on his side.

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