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Will Hobbs turns heel and joins Team Taz

The main event of tonight’s (Nov. 18) episode of Dynamite was a tag team match pitting Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes against Brain Cage & Ricky Starks. It ended with Team Taz on the winning side thanks to the FTW champion Cage having his way with the TNT champion Allin.

The heels weren’t satisfied with just winning the fight, though, and they continued to take out their aggression on the babyfaces. That’s when Will Hobbs came down to the ring to run off Team Taz once again. That is, until he picked up the FTW title and clocked Cody with it:

Taz has been trying to recruit Hobbs for a while now, and those efforts finally paid off.

Do you think the Hobbs heel turn was too soon, or is this for the best right now?

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