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AEW Rewind: Cody Rhodes disses current FTW title, John Silver wins BTE Championship, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Cody Rhodes had disrespectful words about the current state of the FTW title. He claimed that nobody cares about that belt. It was something in the past, but it has nothing to do with the present and future. Cody planted seeds of dissension among Team Taz. He also stirred the pot of the intense Apple vs Android rivalry. Cody pops in at the 2:15 mark.

Unrelated to Cody’s promo, Ricky Starks hyped the big tag main event of Starks & Brian Cage against Cody & Darby Allin. Starks’ segment kicks off at the 2:08 mark. He expressed the importance of victory for his future.

Eddie Kingston put over Blade for requesting to fight PAC while still bleeding from the Bunkhouse match.

Dax Harwood addressed FTR’s loss to the Young Bucks at Full Gear. He poured his soul into that match and hopes it made you feel while watching.

The end of Sammy Guevara’s weekly vlog (here) showed him lost outdoors in the dark after losing to Matt Hardy in the Elite Deletion. On Dynamite, Hardy told Sammy not to squander the opportunity of getting the rub. EC3 chimed in on that regard.

Let’s catch up with A Shot of Brandi. Rebel (here) introduced the Fruity Rebel beverage with strawberries, basil, vodka, club soda, and Sprite. They made mini chicken pot pies. Rebel discussed her time as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and getting into a fight in a women’s football league.

Chris Jericho (here) sipped on Grey Goose vodka and club soda while making spaghetti and meatballs. Onions were banned from the dish. Jericho discussed the chemistry of the Inner Circle from co-workers to friends to lifelong brothers.

Being the Elite

“Trent vs Silver” - Being The Elite, Ep. 230 (here) featured:

  • Frankie Kazarian was drinking wine when Alex Reynolds and John Silver came in to recruit Kaz for the Dark Order. Kaz reminded them of attacking SCU in the past. Kaz hates the Dark Order, then Silver stole the “Do ya!?!” line. Jerry Lynn asked about Kaz’s anger management.
  • Pretty Peter Avalon got drunk with two jabrone characters behind the camera.
  • The Young Bucks changed the name plates on the tag titles. Sammy Guevara cut a fake BTE Championship in half as a rib to tease the Bucks. The funny part is that the Bucks didn’t seem to care all that much. Sammy’s vlog (here) has more footage of the prank.
  • Brandon Cutler wondered if two wins in a row is a streak. Kaz was angry at the stupid question.
  • The Bucks handed out signed copies of their book to other wrestlers. Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues is now available.
  • Private Party argued with Stu Grayson about the quality of the Dark Order’s party. Anna Jay pushed Grayson over a table.
  • A bunch of wrestlers played an imposter game. Cutler stabbed everyone to win.
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy celebrated Trent’s BTE Championship win. OC poured a little bit of Coke on Trent’s shoulder to mimic champagne. Shawn Dean agreed that the skit was dumb then let out a high-pitched laugh.
  • Silver complained about the Dark Order not having his back during the loss to Cassidy. Evil Uno calmed down the bickering to refocus as a family. They bonded over mistreating 5.
  • Matt Hardy congratulated the Bucks on their tag title win. Hardy kept one-upping them about having more tag team title reigns, creating his cinematic matches, and innovating the TLC match. Hardy has his mojo back.
  • Trent defended the BTE Championship against Silver. The contest was the ‘flip the water, land it’ game. First to three flips wins. Silver won 3-1 to become the new champ.

We’ll close with a new t-shirt for the new TNT champ.

Also, Darby Allin was the subject of some cool artwork.

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