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Renee Paquette launches a podcast with a cheeky name

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It’s still not the return to wrestling many are hoping for, but the new venture from Renee Paquette (fka Renee Young) could feature some wrestling talk. And we’ll be able to check it out before her technically best-selling cookbook hits shelves next spring.

It also has a title that seems like it was focus group-ed to ensure it captures the attention of people who write posts about Drew McIntyre’s giant sword...

Don’t let Renee’s caption dissuade you from thinking Oral Sessions won’t involve some discussion of... the things people use the eggplant emoji to represent. Chelsea Green encourages Paquette to include some talk of things people use the eggplant emoji to represent, and Renee says she definitely will chat guests up about things people use the eggplant emoji to represent if the opportunity arises*.

Matt Cardona is probably hoping his fiancée won’t be the first guest on Oral Sessions. Who do you think should be?

Check out the trailer for Oral Sessions - where Paquette breaks the news that the show is not about “blowies” - on Spotify here.

* Hehe... I said “arises”... hehe