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AEW Dark recap (Nov. 17, 2020): Dr. Britt Baker debuts new talk show

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Episode 62 of AEW Dark featured the debut of Dr. Britt Baker’s talk show, women’s wrestling stealing the night, and TH2 continuing their rivalry with SCU.

The headline grabber is Dr. Britt Baker’s new talk show segment, The Waiting Room. She opened with late night roast jokes about Aubrey Edwards, Eddie Kingston, Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes. Dr. Baker then welcomed her guests TH2.

Jack Evans and Angelico were angry about not being ranked. They declared that punk-ass political posturing will no longer be tolerated. SCU is first on the list to send a message.

Dark is a perfect show for this segment. There is no crunch on time, so Dr. Baker can experiment to find her groove over time. Her shot at Kingston styling his eyebrows was a nice zinger. I can’t wait for the first person to destroy the set. After that joke, it just may be Kingston himself.

Here’s the Dark lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time toward Dynamite:

  • Gunn Club vs BSHP KING, Joey O’Riley, & Sean Maluta (okay)
  • Travis Titan vs Ricky Starks (okay)
  • Joey Janela vs Marko Stunt (okay)
  • Frankie Kazarian vs Griff Garrison (okay)
  • Rahne Victoria vs Penelope Ford (okay)
  • Brandon Cutler vs RYZIN (okay)
  • Tesha Price vs Leyla Hirsch (okay)
  • TNT vs Jurassic Express (okay)
  • D3 & Angel Fashion vs The Acclaimed (okay)
  • Alex Gracia vs Ivelisse (solid)
  • Thunder Rosa vs Lindsay Snow (solid)
  • Big Swole vs KiLynn King (solid)
  • Jack Evans vs Christopher Daniels (solid)

The final four bouts all had high intensity to make an enjoyable viewing experience. I’d go with those contests if you don’t want to watch the whole show. Lance Archer cut another interesting promo, despite the message being the same.

Watch the show here.

Excalibur teamed with Taz to call the action. Anthony Ogogo and Ricky Starks stopped by to join commentary. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

Gunn Club defeated BSHP KING, Joey O’Riley, & Sean Maluta. This was the AEW debut for Billy and his two sons as a trio. Austin won the bout with a hip toss neckbreaker.

After the match, Lance Archer chokeslammed O’Riley out of the ring onto his partners. Jake Roberts emphasized that AEW asses belong to Archer. The Murderhawk Monster shared some symbolism. Life is a beautiful lie, while death is a painful truth. He confirmed his plans to keep doing this every week until everybody dies.

Ricky Starks defeated Travis Titan. Stroke Daddy closed it with a rope running spear.

Joey Janela defeated Marko Stunt. Sonny Kiss, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus were all ringside. Janela hit a nifty spinning suplex on the floor. Stunt may have legitimately tweaked his ankle on a dragon rana off the apron. Janela ended it with an impressive sitdown fireman’s carry slam off the top turnbuckle.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Griff Garrison. The taller version of Jungle Boy hit some hard shots, but Kaz used his veteran savvy to prevail. Kaz slingshot Garrison into the ring for a cutter. That led to a reverse DDT victory.

Penelope Ford defeated Rahne Victoria. Ford hit a big boot right from the start. She dominated much of the match, but Victoria showed heart by kicking out after strong moves. Ford finished it with a pair of clotheslines then a bridging fisherman’s suplex.

Brandon Cutler defeated RYZIN. Cutler used a TPK to win his third bout in a row. Peter Avalon was heckling Cutler from the front row while lounging on a velvet bed and drinking a martini.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Tesha Price. Hirsch was too powerful for Price to handle. A German suplex and a springboard moonsault were followed by an armbar for the submission win.

Jurassic Express defeated TNT. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus represented Jurassic Express. Marko Stunt was ringside. The TNT brothers pulled a switcheroo under the ring to gain momentum. The referee failed to enforce any rules in the end. TNT was setting up a legal teamwork maneuver. Luchasaurus illegally stormed in to chokeslam an opponent. That allowed Jungle Boy an opportunity to apply an STF Gable grip choke. Submission win for Jurassic Express.

The Acclaimed defeated D3 & Angel Fashion. Max Caster spit rhymes about whipping ass and cashing checks. The Acclaimed backed up Caster’s words by winning their third in a row. They used a suplex to a flying elbow drop combo to dispose of Fashion, then they put down D3 with a dropkick Torture Rack slam teamwork maneuver for the 1, 2, 3.

Ivelisse defeated Alex Gracia. Diamante was ringside. Gracia had no fear and took the action to Ivelisse. She had a nice run of a backstabber, multiple clotheslines, a 619, then a step-over senton. Ivelisse came back with a chop to the throat, a flatliner, then her snapmare into head kick finisher.

Thunder Rosa defeated Lindsay Snow. Snow had the power advantage, while Thunder had the tenacity advantage. Thunder unleashed her fury with body shots, a spinning backfist, then the Thunder Driver to win. She was sending a message about regaining the NWA Women’s Championship from Serena Deeb.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon macked on a lady in his chauffeured ride. He tried to feed her corn nuts, then the driver kicked Avalon out for bothering his passengers.

Big Swole defeated KiLynn King. There was a good amount of aggression in the contest for a Dark match. Swole took control with a headbutt, flatliner, then the Texas Cloverleaf submission for the win. This was one of Swole’s better matches in AEW.

Darby Allin came out to goad Ricky Starks into a fight. Brian Cage joined Starks for the advantage. Cody Rhodes ran out with a chair to even the numbers. Team Taz fled.

Jack Evans defeated Christopher Daniels. Angelico and Kaz were ringside. Angelico grabbed CD’s boot early to help Evans gain the edge. Daniels came back to control the pace. In the end, he ducked a roundhouse kick from Evans then locked in a Koji Clutch on the mat. Angelico hopped onto the apron, so Kaz ran over to punch him. Daniels let go of the submission in the commotion. An exchange of roll-ups occurred. Angelico hooked CD’s leg, so Evans could steal the win on a backslide bridge pin.

This was a good show for fans of women’s wrestling. The final three women’s bouts were hard hitting and aggressive, while Ford and Hirsch looked good in victory as intended. Those were the types of fights that should definitely help with experience. Hirsch added moves, Swole ratcheted up her intensity, and Thunder Rosa kicked ass. Ivelisse was even busted up for a little blood.

Share your thoughts on Dark. Who stood out most for episode 62? Which was your favorite match?