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ROH Wrestling recap: Jay Briscoe challenges EC3

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Episode 478 of ROH Wrestling featured two hard-hitting matches. SOS threw blows with the Briscoes, and Shane Taylor was a powerhouse against Kenny King. There was also a little turmoil brewing between Jay Briscoe and EC3.

Amy Rose opened with a vignette to promote Los Ingobernables. Kenny King, Dragon Lee, and Rush will have total domination when they return. Tranquilo, no pasa nada.

Quinn McKay recapped last week with comments from Brody King. Fire is lit inside of him. King is just violence.

SOS vs Briscoes

SOS stands for Soldiers of Savagery, but the Briscoes are the original savages. SOS will put the Briscoes out of their misery.

This bout was good, solid tag team action with a gritty, tough flavor. Fire picked up after a double superplex by the Briscoes. SOS threw chairs into the ring. Briscoes didn’t take the bait. SOS entered for fisticuffs. They came out on top with a flurry of aerial assaults. Kaun hit a slingshot plancha to the outside. Moses connected on a flying crossbody, flying headbutt, then a running forward senton off the apron. Kaun completed the sequence with a frog splash. The contest carried on though after a kick out.

The Briscoes rallied with a neckbreacker and a step-up cannonball off a chair to the outside. In the ring, a Spicolli Driver and a flying elbow drop put Moses away for the three count as the Briscoes were victorious.

EC3 was on commentary for this match. He is in ROH to find out if honor is real. After the bout, he stood in the way of the Briscoes’ exit. EC3 was silent and did not make eye contact. Mark wanted to keep it moving to celebrate success, but Jay thought it was fishy. He felt EC3 must be standing there for a reason. Once they left, EC3 flashed a sinister smirk.

Bateman wants to fight Matt Taven. Taven accepted if it will get him closer to vengeance on Vincent. That match will be next week.

McKay interviewed the Briscoes backstage. When asked about EC3, Mark brushed it off, but Jay was ornery. Jay challenged EC3 to a match next week.

Kenny King vs Shane Taylor

Taylor grew up around guns, violence, and gangs in East Cleveland. His dad and uncles wanted to fight drug dealers on the corner. Wrestling was a life saver to provide Taylor with focus and a goal. He needs to get past former mentor King to be one step closer to the ROH World Championship. For King, this match is just business. King won’t be passing the torch, since he is still the king in ROH.

King offered a handshake to start the match. Taylor responded by spitting disrespectfully, so King punched him in the face. King was too quick for the big man in the early-going. He offered a second attempt at respect with a fist bump. Taylor used that opportunity to blast King in the face with a heavy forearm shiver. That knocked King woozy for the rest of the bout.

King still fought back, but Taylor used power shots to floor King. Big moves from Taylor were a rope-hung cutter and a package piledriver. King caught a knee and countered with an overhead t-bone suplex. King talked smack about always being one step ahead. Taylor rose to the occasion by snatching King off the ropes for a sitdown piledriver to win. Both men embraced in a hug after the match.

Episode 478 of ROH Wrestling continued the streak of quality shows. Both matches were exciting. SOS left me wanting to see more, while the Briscoes moved closer to a tag title rematch with Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham. Shane Taylor was an impressive beast of a man. Kenny King had a few positive moments, but he was dominated for the most part. That win definitely puts Taylor in the world title mix. If I had my druthers, I’d do a #1 contender bout between Taylor and Brody King. Imagine the hoss fight with those two. Beef on beef for maximum fury.

EC3 has been clear and also vague at the same time in regard to his presence in ROH. When asked how he would know if there is honor in ROH, EC3 replied that honor is undefinable. He’ll use intuition to determine the answer. That’s a weak reply to advance the story. EC3 did say there is honor in slugfests, so that gives me hope for excitement. Mix in Jay Briscoe’s unique attitude, and their match next week should be interesting.

Share your thoughts about episode 478 of ROH Wrestling. Which match was your favorite? Who stole the show? Do you think Shane Taylor is ready for a world title shot?

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

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