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MLW Roundup: Major names and big title fights on tap for The Restart, more!

Let’s catch up on the latest news in MLW and preview the latest episode of MLW Underground. Major names are boarding the ship and two big title fights have been announced for The Restart.

Time to set your countdown clocks. The Restart of MLW is only days away. Fresh episodes will be coming back into our lives on Wednesday (Nov. 18) at 7 pm ET.

MLW is giving the fans something to be excited about when MLW Fusion returns. Jacob Fatu is scheduled to put his World Heavyweight title on the line against Davey Boy Smith Jr. The bout was originally supposed to be a PPV clash, but the pandemic stifled that notion. Not to mention the Contra Unit breaking Smith’s back in a furious attack to seize MLW operations. Davey Boy is healed up and ready for glory.

MLW isn’t stopping with one title fight. They’re giving us a second marquee bout. Myron Reed is scheduled to defend the World Middleweight title against Brian Pillman Jr. The second generation wrestler will finally get his chance to shut up Injustice. There had been several physical assaults in the form of ambushes prior to the pandemic shutdown. For Reed, he’ll get the opportunity to back up his boisterous claims as the GOAT and start building a worthy resume.

This is all assuming Contra doesn’t finagle their way into blocking the broadcast.

MLW has also reloaded their roster by bringing in familiar faces. Laredo Kid is making the trek up from Mexico. He is interested in defending the AAA World Cruiserweight title in an MLW ring and possibly unifying it with the MLW World Middleweight title. ACH is ready to rumble. He hopes to participate in the Opera Cup tournament. TJP is returning as well. He’ll be going after gold. The most interesting name of this group is Lio Rush. I’ll be looking forward to future rap battles with Myron Reed.

Pulp Fusion

Let’s catch up with a double serving of storylines in Pulp Fusion. Last week saw the announcement of Davey Boy Smith Jr. challenging Jacob Fatu and Myron Reed signing his contract to fight Brian Pillman Jr.

The format of Pulp Fusion is a quick cut montage of promos intermixed with each other. Let’s break it down.

  • Ross Von Erich started a promo when Marshall Von Erich galloped up shouting with exuberance. Marshall hopes to be the first person to squeeze a skull until it cracks. He wants to do a favor for Tom Lawlor by popping his big cauliflower ears.
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. is unfazed by Contra Unit’s threats to prevent him from wrestling Jacob Fatu for the World Heavyweight Championship. He gives credit to Fatu for his brawling skills, but Fatu is no catch wrestler. Catch wrestling is a dangerous science, and Smith plans to catch Fatu in something nasty. Smith closed with advice from his grandfather. It’s not the man with 1,000 moves, it is the man who has practiced 1 move 1,000 times. Smith will slap on the crippler crossface to make Fatu tap. He will break Fatu’s spirit.
  • Tom Lawlor requested a super condom for Dominic Garrini. He plans to show how tough Condom Depot can be. They did not respond on phone to that marketing idea.
  • Brian Pillman Jr. weighed in at 211 pounds for the 205-limit on his Middleweight title shot. Pillman went back to the treadmill for 20 more miles.
  • Myron Reed signed his contract to defend the belt against Pillman. Pillman is a cosplaying clown who has been partying too much. Reed wants to beat his ass. Call Reed a fax machine, because he’s spitting facts. He will retain and go on to bigger and better things. Reed will bury Pillman.
  • Alexander Hammerstone told us he would rally the troops to take back MLW. That was step 1. Step 2 involves taking out Contra one by one so there is nothing left. Hammer is ready for war.

The newest episode of Pulp Fusion featured Salina de la Renta out for revenge, Davey Boy Smith Jr. with fighting words for Jacob Fatu, and Aria Blake receiving an intriguing offer.

  • Salina de la Renta clarified that she is not associated with the Contra Unit, but everyone was stupid enough to believe Konnan. She isn’t a traitor. She is a businesswoman. It was nothing personal. In The Restart, her business will be revenge.
  • Alexander Hammerstone broke news that he’ll be in action at The Restart. He’ll also be a fan with anticipation to watch the main event. Davey Boy Smith Jr. cut in line for a title shot against Jacob Fatu. Hammerman will be coming for the winner. He then took his dog, Hunter, to take a dump.
  • Tom Lawlor was back on the phone trying to convince Condom Depot for a sponsorship. MLW needs him in the Opera Cup. He will win then pull some strings to get Condom Depot on the side of the Opera Cup trophy. No answer.
  • Brian Pillman Jr. was running on the treadmill cutting weight.
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. is a bigger, stronger beast than Jacob Fatu. Smith happens to be a crippler too. Look into Smith’s eyes. There is no remorse, no quit, and no fear. When Fatu steps in the ring with Smith, the king will be dethroned.
  • Richard Holliday was aggravated by Savio Vega still being represented as the IWA Caribbean Champion. Holliday is the true champion. He loves the islands, just not Puerto Rico. Holliday might melt the belt to make a watch instead.
  • The Von Erich boys were carrying tree logs, while Kevin enjoyed a cigar. Papa Von Erich reminisced about the smoke-filled shows of the past. MLW’s comeback will be smoky in ambiance.
  • Myron Reed won’t be playing with Pillman. He saw the future of remaining Middleweight champ and Pillman going back to curtain jerking. Reed will beat respect into Pillman.
  • Aria Blake spoke with freak daddy Colonel Parker on the phone. She was offered a license to manage the Stud Stable.

One thing I’m curious about is Hammerstone’s competition for the MLW National Openweight Championship. Surely, he’s going to defend that belt, right? Let’s hope Hammer doesn’t lose focus on the task at hand by overlooking an opponent while preparing for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. On the other hand, Hammerstone might be so amped up with Mexican muscle candy that he rips the arms off his opponent.

MLW Underground

MLW’s throwback show popped beers last week with the Sandman in action against Simon Diamond. Sandman was looking to secure a tag title shot with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams as his partner. The main event featured Jerry Lynn versus Homicide. With James Mitchell by Lynn’s side, an open challenge was answered.

The latest episode of MLW Underground will see CM Punk and Raven get physical in tag team action. Michael Shane and Norman Smiley will be the respective partners. Also on tap, Sabu fights Mickey Whipwreck.

Quick hits

Alicia Atout intended on interviewing MLW CEO Court Bauer until she was interupted by Richard Holliday. Atout cut off the explanation of Holliday’s extravagant plans to defend the Caribbean Championship. They bickered back and forth, while Holliday hinted that she may not be allowed across the border from Canada to the USA. I can’t wait for MLW’s first wedding between these two.

Salina de la Renta is considering lawsuits against MLW and Konnan for disparagement over the Contra Unit allegations. MLW believes they have the evidence to call her bluff.

The Dirty Blondes tag team is returning to MLW. Leo Brien and Michael Patrick will remain in the Colonel Parker’s Stud Stable. This time, Aria Blake will manage ringside, while Parker advises from his war room.

Bauer revealed that Alex Greenfield has returned to the production team.

Greenfield may already be plotting his way into Contra.

I can’t say I blame him since Contra offers paid vacations. Who knew they were such an accomodating organization?

MLW is now available on Pluto TV. It will air Fusion on Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET.

MLW postponed the December 5 live event scheduled for Philadelphia. The show has been moved back to April 10. This has been the trend for MLW during the coronavirus pandemic. The next show on the list is February 4, 2021 in New York City. Time will tell if enough progress has been made to allow fans in attendance.

Last up are little bio cards MLW has been putting out for various wrestlers. There are plenty of interesting tidbits, such as superb hygiene being a talent of Richard Holliday and Tom Lawlor being certified in conjugate tactical training. I didn’t know what conjugate tactical training was, but it sounded similar to conjugal visits. I thought it might be saying Lawlor is a certified sex machine. His attempts at the Condom Depot sponsorship make much more sense now.

Here’s the What’s Next portion from the bio cards, which reveal potential story directions.

  • Jacob Fatu: The destruction of MLW
  • Josef Samael & Simon Gotch: Escalating Contra Unit’s influence and control of MLW
  • Ikuro Kwon: Supply Contra Unit with more soldiers in its on-going war
  • Alexander Hammerstone: Jacob Fatu’s World Heavyweight title?, Perfecting the ‘98 tan
  • Richard Holliday: Rebranding Caribbean title “The Consumer’s Championship,” Dynastic Coffee franchises around the world, Spokesman for Airpod Minis
  • LA Park: Winning a world championship or retirement from MLW if failing to accomplish goal
  • Hijo de LA Park: Fighting for a championship and bringing gold home to Mexico
  • LA Park Jr.: Singles debut in MLW, Help father realize his lifelong goal of winning a world championship in USA
  • Ross Von Erich: Getting Team Filthy in an MLW ring
  • Marshall Von Erich: Throwing down with Team Filthy, Hosting Wrestle Island
  • Kevin Von Erich: Kevin’s wisdom guides his sons as they fight for MLW under Contra Unit’s occupation
  • Myron Reed: Title defense against Brian Pillman Jr.?, Retribution for Contra taking out Kotto Brazil
  • Jordan Oliver: Cracking Brian Pillman in the jaw
  • Brian Pillman Jr.: Shutting up Injustice and taking Myron Reed’s world middleweight title
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr.: Challenge Jacob Fatu for World Heavyweight title
  • Tom Lawlor: Rid the world of the Von Erichs once and for all
  • Dominic Garrini: Teaming with Kevin Ku and dominating the tag team division, Avoiding the Amazon
  • Kevin Ku: Entering tag team division with Dominic Garrini, Showing no mercy to the Von Erichs
  • King Mo: Preparing for his coronation, Starting a GoFundMe for Low Ki to get an MRI
  • Low Ki: Toppling King Mo as “The King of Knockouts”
  • Laredo Kid: Unify MLW World Middleweight and AAA Cruiserweight titles?!, Defend AAA Cruiserweight title in MLW
  • Savio Vega: Organizing a Caribbean title fight in Puerto Rico, Retrieve stolen Caribbean Heavyweight title from Holliday
  • Gino Medina: Addressing Dynasty drama
  • Zenshi: Climbing the middleweight division
  • Calvin Tankman: Making his MLW debut at The Restart
  • Parrow: Destroying the heavyweight division, Rejoining Col. Parker’s new Stud Stable???
  • Bu Ku Dao: The ultimate underdog, Bu Ku Dao is determined to prove he is Major League
  • ACH: Competing in the 2020 Opera Cup
  • Lio Rush: MLW debut
  • TJP: Making a wave in singles competition, Entering the tag team division with protege Bu Ku Dao
  • Salina de la Renta: Obsessed with revenge and power, Salina de la Renta is a wild card for The Restart
  • Konnan: Payback for Contra Super Series attack, Drop more truth bombs on Salina de la Renta
  • Alicia Atout: Giving fans all access behind the scenes at MLW
  • Dan Lambert: Negotiating King Mo’s next fight, Ensuring Low Ki never wrestles again
  • Aria Blake: Recruiting for the stud stable

Gringo Loco and The Dirty Blondes are there too, but they didn’t receive a What’s Next.

Get hyped for MLW and The Restart coming this Wednesday.

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