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NXT’s mystery person was exactly who you thought it would be

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Weeks back, a person in a Scream mask helped Johnny Gargano win the North American title. (He’s since lost it.) They also tried to help Candice LeRae defeat Io Shirai, but Shotzi Blackheart stopped them.

That led to Candice LeRae running over Blackheart’s mini-tank last week. The person in the mask was in the backseat of the SUV as that happened.

This week, the Poison Pixie was booked in a match against Toni Storm. LeRae won with her feet on the ropes, which obviously pissed off Storm, who attacked Candice post match. It was at that moment the mystery individual appeared again to help LeRae.

Shotzi Blackheart tried to even the score, but LeRae and the mystery person maintained control.

After taking both women out, Candice instructed the individual to remove her mask. And she did, revealing that it was Indi Hartwell the entire time. Because of course it was.

Prior to Halloween Havoc, Indi had been endearing herself to the Garganos. But then she disappeared and this Scream individual appeared (there was rumor that this was a COVID-caused change). So of course it was always going to be her. Austin Theory could have made sense after he “quit.” And my David Arquette theory was really me just hoping for things to get weird. It was always going to be Indi Hartwell.

Now that it’s official, they can continue telling the story they were prior to Halloween Havoc.

You can find the full results from tonight’s episode here at the live blog.