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What the heck is going on with Boa and Xia Li?

NXT has a rather odd story playing out weekly.

It started with Xia Li requesting matches against talent but continually losing. After the loss, she’d lash out against her opponent, who was usually trying to show some respect.

This led to NXT wrestler Boa, who like Xia is Chinese, coming to the ring to give Li letters from home. Apparently, those letters are from her family. One of those last week insisted she challenge powerhouse Raquel González for tonight.

Raquel made her way to the ring for their scheduled bout but instead of getting Xia Li, Boa walked down and told her that Li wouldn’t be wrestling tonight. He tried to bow and leave but González wasn’t having it.

So she beat the hell out of him.

After she left him laying in the ring, the lights dimmed and an image of a dragon ran across the screens of the Capitol Wrestling Center. Smoke started forming and an older Asian gentleman kind of limped to the ring, handed Boa a note, and then marked his hand with some ash before leaving.

The segment ended with Boa holding his marked hand almost like it was burning.

To this I have to say: What. The. Hell.

This is a very odd story but at the same time, I’m rather intrigued. Who are these mysterious forces from Boa and Xia’s home and what is their endgame to them? Where is this going? It feels like a family mystery that may tie into some unknown past and that can be very interesting.

It’s weird, but I’m digging it. Too weird for your tastes or are you digging it too?

You can find the full results from tonight’s episode here at the live blog.