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Leon Ruff defeats Johnny Gargano to win the North American championship. No, seriously.


NXT started tonight off with the biggest upset in NXT history.

Johnny Gargano opened the show with his trusty wheel in the ring, which he spun to choose who he’d defend his North American title against. Of course the wheel was rigged and it landed on the only person who wasn’t perceived as a real challenge: Leon Ruff.

Gargano booked himself an easy match because he’s never successfully defended a singles title in NXT. So he figured Leon Ruff, a smaller dude who mainly loses, would help him rectify that.


Johnny Wrestling dominated the match, though was knocked a bit off of his game when Damian Priest, who Johnny defeated for the title at Halloween Havoc, started watching from ringside.

But Priest never tried to distract Johnny. Maybe it threw the champ off his game, but what happened to Johnny was not on Damian. And what happened was Leon Ruff ducking a kick to nail a Crucifix Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Damian Priest helped the champ put on the title, but Leon was so thin it just slipped down his waist to the floor.

Now Leon Ruff is your North American championship. We’ll see how they book this.

Welcome to the era of Ruff, I guess?

You can find the full results from tonight’s episode here at the live blog.

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