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AEW Dynamite preview (Nov. 11, 2020): Crossroads

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All Elite Wrestling comes our way live from Jacksonville, Florida. Last Sunday at Full Gear, Kenny Omega became the number one contender for the AEW world championship, Darby Allin defeated Cody to gain the TNT championship, Hikaru Shida retained, MJF & Wardlow joined the Inner Circle, and Eddie Kingston said, “I quit.”

This Week’s Headliner:

Cody lost his TNT Championship to Darby Allin at Full Gear. If the incredulous look on his face after he lost gives us any insight, he didn’t expect to lose. Tonight he’s set to give an address to the Dynamite audience concerning his defeat and his future. Will he be a gracious loser and move on, or is he once again going to make the TNT championship all about him?

And what about actual TNT champion Darby Allin? Will he get some sort of celebration, or will his championship still be all about Cody? God knows, he’ll have enough to deal with trying to keep Taz & Co. off his back and away from the championship without Cody making it all about him.

Or maybe he’ll just throw himself from a moving train to celebrate. I’m not really sure how his brain works.

The Title Scene:

Jon Moxley is still The AEW Champion, but he had to crush a former friend - a former family member’s - spirit to retain that title. The build-up to his “I quit” match with Kingston was so dramatic and emotionally fraught that I doubt Moxley (or Kingston, frankly) will be able to move on quickly. Even if they aren’t fighting anymore, that kind of battle leaves scars.

Regardless of the emotional fall-out, however, Moxley has to change gears and refocus his energies toward the new and very real threat that is Kenny Omega. They have clashed before in AEW, but Kenny Omega is a whole new man now. The Cleaner is coming for Moxley.

Not to mention that, pesky Lance Archer guy waiting in the shadows, demanding blood and gold!

Nyla Rose may not have been thrilled to lose her chance at the AEW Women’s Championship, but after the bout, it looked like her manager, Vicki Guerrero, took the L even harder than her. For a moment, it seemed like Vicki was going to do something she would regret and that Nyla was going to lose it on her former manager. In the end, cooler heads prevailed (well, Nyla’s anyway), and the duo still seems to be a team. Will we hear from them tonight, or will they still be licking their wounds?

And what happens to the champion, Hikaru Shida? Who will be her next challenger? Will it be fresh blood from, say, a former NWA champion (please sign Allysin Kay & Thunder Rosa!), or will the AEW rankings finally matter? Or, and this is sadly a very real option, will nothing happen?

Who’s to say, really? The AEW writers are probably going to decide five minutes before the show airs anyways.

They did it! The Young Bucks are the AEW Tag Team Champions. But what kind of champions will they be? Before they were named the number one contenders, they were heeling it up all over Dynamite, kicking random announcers in the face, and throwing money around like it was Young Bucks merch. However, going into their bout with FTR, they definitely took on more of the babyface role and the underdog team that just couldn’t get it done when it counted. Now that they’re the champions, which Young Bucks will we see?

And, more importantly, will they ever forgive Hangman Page? He has a big sad. He needs his friends.

Other Things to Keep an Eye On:

- MJF shockingly defeated Chris Jericho at Full Gear, earning him (and Wardlow) the chance to join The Inner Circle. Tonight we get their induction ceremony. I’m sure that will go off without a hitch!

-Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M will face each other in a Lucha Bro vs. Lucha Bro rematch because writing is hard, and these two are good at wrestling.

-Brian Cage will face Matt Sydal, ruining his winning streak and smashing his face. Taz will presumably give a dramatic speech afterward.

-Butcher & Blade face Natural Nightmares in a Bunkhouse match, which, as far as I can tell, is a match where you wear cowboy boots, hit each other with chains, and only lose when you’re thrown over the ropes…honestly, google was just as confused as me.

- Scorpio Sky finally, FINALLY, gets a chance to smack the tiny glove off Shawn Spears.

-Tay Conti, of the Dark Order, will face Red Velvet, of the Brandi Order. They’ll try to keep the focus on the match on them and their wrestling, but let’s be real when there is a Rhodes in your corner, they will always steal the spotlight.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 p.m. EST to see how this all plays out!