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NXT preview (Nov. 11, 2020): Who’s first?

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NXT returns tonight (Nov. 11) from the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC) in Orlando, Florida. They are building towards a December TakeOver which hasn’t been officially announced.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch (c) vs. Breezango for the NXT tag team championships
  • Johnny Gargano defends his North American championship against a mystery partner
  • Candice LeRae vs. Toni Storm
  • Xia Li vs. Raquel González

As per usual, here are our five questions about NXT tonight:

1) Will Karrion Kross return before Finn Bálor?

At this rate, it’s possible Karrion Kross returns from his injury before Finn Bálor.

Weeks ago, that statement would have sounded pretty ludicrous. Karrion Kross had to relinquish his title a little over two months ago due to a shoulder injury. Just the fact that he had to give the title up hinted at the idea that Kross would be out for a long while.

But now the man is posting workout videos hinting that his return could be any time now. Of course, he could be exaggerating, making sure we don’t forget the man who hasn’t lost in NXT.

Meanwhile, we haven’t had any word, good or bad, about Finn Bálor as of late. It’s been five weeks since we’ve seen him without any hint of when he’ll be back. Now that doesn’t mean he won’t return in a week or so. But the fact they’re not teasing or advertising anything isn’t the best.

Who knows? Maybe they return at the same time to set up a big feud between Kross and Bálor. Whoever returns first, they will bring a boost to the time of the men’s division.

2) When will we see all of Undisputed back?

Undisputed ERA are all on the shelf. Adam Cole was laid out by Ridge Holland (under the instruction of Pat McAfee) at TakeOver 31. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish were presumably taken out by the current tag champs in Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Kyle O’Reilly joined them in the hospital the following week when Pete Dunne revealed himself as a member of Pat’s team and he took a beat down from all four of them.

Eventually, Undisputed will come roaring back to get their revenge against the Kings of NXT. But I wouldn’t bet on tonight.

Ideally, Pat McAfee’s crew would build up their heat for a little longer so it feels more rewarding when Adam Cole and company finally run them off. That could start tonight when the tag champs cheat their way into retaining against Breezango and maybe beat up Drake Maverick when the little man looks for revenge for what the Kings of NXT did to his big partner.

3) Who’s the mystery opponent?

Johnny Gargano will defend his North American title tonight against a mystery opponent.

During his very entertaining video last week when he addressed it, he said it’d be to prove that it’s not going to be a short reign this time around. That makes me believe he’s scheduled himself a squash match to pad his stats. Maybe a Leon Ruff cameo?

Johnny’s bigger worry is going to be former champion Damian Priest, who cannot be happy with the way he lost. The Archer of Infamy will be looking for revenge after getting a tombstone smashed over his head.

4) How long is Austin Theory going to stay away from NXT?

Weeks back, after yet another loss, Austin Theory quit NXT. He drove off, and we haven’t seen him since.

This surely won’t stick. It’s all part of an angle. But where’s it going? Is he going to come back allied with someone? Is he going to turn over a new leaf and play the good guy? (That really doesn’t suit him.) Or maybe he just comes back like nothing has happened.

If this were Raw, I’d assume that last one. But NXT usually has a plan. His losing streak was too front and center not to become a story. They did something similar with Andrade when he was playing the guy who lost good matches to different talent. Then they introduced Zelina Vega who sparked a change in fortunes.

I expect something along these lines of that for Theory.

5) What’s going on with Xia Li?

Xia Li has been receiving letters from home, leading her to ask William Regal to book her a match that she normally ends up losing. Then she loses her cool, maybe shoves her opponent, and then storms off.

Last week, she received one of those letters and asked for a match against Raquel González. Yes, the powerhouse Raquel González that took Rhea Ripley to her limit. So we can expect this to end like all the other matches end. With an L.

Why her family is doing this is an unknown at this point. Does she just have over bearing parents who push her too hard? Do they feel her poor performances are disgracing the family? And how does Boa fit into all this?

Like just mentioned with Theory, this is all part of a plan. It’s a story for a women who’s lower on the card to hopefully help her ascend the ranks.

We’ll see if we get any answers to these questions tonight at 8 PM ET on USA Network.