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AEW unveils video game plans

AEW had been teasing news on the video game front, and they delivered big on excitement with one console game and two mobile games in the works.

Kenny Omega hosted the festivities by channeling Steve Jobs all the way from his style of storytelling to a replica outfit of black turtleneck, jeans, sneakers, glasses, and no belt.

Omega was looking to give the fans a fun game that they deserve. He envisioned NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, and Ken Griffey Jr.’s Home Run Derby. Omega unveiled early test footage of an 8-bit match between himself and Jon Moxley.

AEW Games

Everyone agreed that it was garbage, so they scrapped that and aimed for a game more like No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling. AEW teamed with YUKE’s Future Media Creators to offer a sneak peak of the video game that will be coming to current and next-gen consoles.

The simulated match footage transitioned from Omega versus Chris Jericho into Omega versus Hikaru Shida. Shida clocked Omega with her running knee strike to promote the possibility of dream matches in the video game dream world.

Omega had one more thing to reveal, but he was interrupted by Aubrey Edwards. She ripped off her referee shirt to reveal a Jobs outfit as well. Edwards announced the mobile game AEW Elite General Manager. The concept is to build a league and book matches.

Omega tried one more time for his special surprise, but Dr. Britt Baker DMD interrupted. She was also dressed like Jobs. Dr. Baker revealed the AEW Games t-shirt. The revolutionary design has two sleeves and a hole for the head. It is available for purchase on

Omega went for this third attempt on his big announcement only to be interrupted by Cody Rhodes. Cody wanted to be head of video games for AEW, but Tony Khan told him no since Cody doesn’t know shit about video games. Cody did happen to swing for something to be released sooner. Introducing the AEW Casino Double or Nothing mobile game coming this winter. Details were sparse, but it looked like a gambling game dressed with AEW themes.

Finally Omega got to his special moment. He recruited Hideyuki Iwashita (aka Geta), No Mercy director and legendary developer, to help create AEW’s dream console game.

Not a lot on concrete details were mentioned, so follow AEWGames on social media for updates.

Are you excited about AEW’s video game news? Which game are you looking forward to most? What’s your opinion on the innovative garment fabric known as cotton?

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