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Nikki Cross is gonna ‘slap some sense’ into Alexa Bliss

She didn’t drool blood on Raw this week. Her eyes didn’t glow. But Alexa Bliss still doesn’t seem like herself.

Bliss’ old tag partner and coffee-loving pal Nikki Cross has been trying to get through to the Alexa she knew before Bray Wyatt/The Fiend’s influence took hold. Cross blames herself for being so focused on winning the SmackDown Women’s title that she pushed Lexi away and left her vulnerable to Wyatt.

Nikki confronted her Fiend-ified friend backstage last night (Nov. 9) and gave Bliss a choice - The Fiend or her. Alexa didn’t choose the Scotswoman.

Still reeling from the rebuke, Cross went on Raw Talk.

Now, first and foremost, give Nik an emmy for not breaking while R-Truth was 100% R-Truth during this interview. It’s hard enough to deliver serious, emotional answers about your friend being possessed by a children’s show host/revenge demon. Managing to do it while Truth is suggesting exorcisms, counseling her to turn her back on anyone that talks to puppets, but suggesting she “Get some of that chocolate from that pig that be eating all that chocolate,” is remarkable.

Other than that, though, the takeaway is Cross will no longer be asking Bliss to come to her senses:

“She needs someone to slap some sense into her. She needs someone to snap her out this.”

Cross is confident she’ll succeed in bringing her friend back because “love always wins.” But in cases like this, love apparently has to smack some people to get in the win column.

Except for when we were worried it might get dropped like Truth’s co-host Charly Caruso’s angle with Angel Garza, I think we always knew this is where this was headed. It should be interesting to see how it plays out, especially given rumors WWE views Wyatt & Bliss as babyfaces.

You letting an Alexa/Nikki feud in?

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